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PC bow users - any recommended keybind scheme?

2022.01.26 05:19 Oponne PC bow users - any recommended keybind scheme?

I played MHW very briefly in the past, so not a whole lot of experience with MH games in general.
I figured I'd give bow a try, since ranged weapons are usually more beginner friendly, and it's been going pretty well so far but I've found myself struggling with the default keybinds. Any bow users here that can recommend their system?
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2022.01.26 05:19 Stock-Necessary-9334 Viper cut getting it ready for 35’s

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2022.01.26 05:19 alper The Draghi dilemma

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2022.01.26 05:19 Skryeeb Standing here, i realise.....

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2022.01.26 05:19 WillbaldvonMerkatz Revenge

Revenge https://preview.redd.it/smirn3yhrzd81.jpg?width=2048&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b0862e8e8579dadd810bbc0a76971b70fffd9898
80 years ago
"Hoist the flag and - for all the devils - aim well!"
19th of November 1941 was a beautiful day on the western coast of Australia. Breeze was light, sea was calm and sun was shining. Crew of the slim light cruiser "Sydney" took advantage of the weather. Sailors napped on the deck or bathed in the warm rays of the sun. Others played cards or smoked outside. Their superior officers gathered on the bridge to drink a decent indonesian coffe from Java, while exchanging anecdotes. Very few crew members stayed on duty.
Whatever could happen at this end of the world, so far from war-torn Europe? And if something did happen, "Sydney" would blast it smithereens. It was no ordinary ship after all. "Sydney" was a pride and glory of the Australian fleet. Although the war barely started it already had a score of notable achievements. The ship took part in the Mediterranean campaign, first sinking the Italian destroyer "Espero" and later on, during the battle of cape Spatha, chasing and sinking its Italian counterpart, cruiser "Bartolomeo Colleoni" after fierce fire exchange. The ship was nicknamed "Grey Gladiator" and the crew considered this their point of honour.
Even the name "Sydney" itself had a history. Its predecessor from the time of WWI was the one who sunk the elusive German light cruiser "Emden". In 1914 the ship spent three months avoiding detection and sinking merchandise of the Entente, until "Sydney" sent it to the bottom on the 9th of November at the battle of Coconut Islands - first battle in the history of the young Australian naval force. The success was greatly celebrated and cannons from the wreck of "Emden" were brought to display back in the country as war trophy. As the cruiser approached the point at which the battle took place, maybe someone reminisced that fight from 27 years before?
"Sydney" (displayed on photo) was a modified british Leander class cruiser. Smooth and slim hull was 171 meters long and had 17 meters of maximum width, with total tonnage of 8850 BRT. Top speed equaled 33 knots, with maximum range of operations reaching 7100 miles. Main armament was eight 152mm guns in four turrets, two aft and two forward.. Secondary armament consisted of four 102mm guns. Auxiliaries included 12 large-caliber HMG mounts and eight tubes for launching 533mm torpedoes. Main battery had a range of 22km and average firing ratio of 8 shots per minute. Crew numbered 645 souls, officers and sailors, under command of veteran sailor of WWI, captain Joseph Burnett.
Idyllic day when "Sydney" was sailing back to its port in Freemantle was cut short by a smoke on the horizon at 4 p.m. Checkup was necessary. At the sight of a warship, mysterious ship turned tail and tried escaping, but it was a vain effort, as "Sydney" had twice the speed.
When Australians cut the distance, captain orders to flash a question with the communication light: "What ship?". Freighter reacts slowly, as if somebody had serious trouble reading the signals. Instead of light, the signs are transmitted with flags, but the cargo sailor keeps making mistakes, and even drops the flag during the process. At the same time, the crew runs around on the deck chaotically, tripping over their own feet. Australian sailors gather on the deck to watch the spectacle, laughing and loudly mocking the running idiots, visibly not suited to the marine life. "Get back to fishing, you dimwits!" To scare the other crew and make them even more nervous, forward turrets get turned in their direction.
Finally, the ship declares its name - "Straat Malakka" - Dutch freighter heading to Batawii in East India. So everything is all right - those are allies. Guns turn back and atmosphere goes back to normal. But one last question remains. Ship is asked to provide special serial number issued to all Allied civillian ships. No answer. Slightly irritated, captain tries again. No answer. Starting to grow furious after few next attempts, captain orders the launch of Walrus seaplane to check this strange ship from closer distance.
Catapult is slowly turning to launch the plane. Ships are still getting closer to each other, now sailing on parallel courses in the distance of around 1000 meters . Suddenly, right before the plane was meant to be launched, the freighter transmitted the message on open channel. "We are under attack by German raider!". "What in God's name are they playing at!!!?" - yelled captain.
At 5:30 p.m., the mast of "Dutch freighter" flashes with blood red banner of Kriegsmarine. Camouflage drops, revealing cannons aimed at australian vessel. Clumsiness of the crew disappears. Now they act like well-oiled war machine, preparing munitions and making final corrections to the aim, commanded with short, decisive orders.
Terrifying surprise chills Australians to the bone, accompanied by light sea breeze. A split second feels like eternity.
First series of gunshots from low caliber guns hit the command bridge of "Sydney", killing far too confident captain Burnett and all of his officers. Seconds later, the crew on the deck follows, paying for their curiosity and mockery with blood, that overflows the deck of light cruiser. Walrus seaplane is hit with precise salvo and burns brightly with flame, spilling scorching fuel around. Meanwhile the main cannons hidden in the hull of German ship pummel the hull of "Grey Gladiator" with shot after shot, aiming to disable its critical systems. The menacing shape of metal cigar leaves the tube located at the prow and slides under the waves in the direction of its wounded prey.
"Freighter" was a German auxiliary cruiser HSK "Kormoran" (codename: Ship 41), at that time assigned a mission of laying minefields along the coast of Australia. Germany was completely unprepared for oceanic naval combat at the start of the war, having only 23 oceanic submarines and 3 heavy cruisers at its disposal. Therefore, they turned to the proved methods from the WWI, converting several civilian ships into raiders meant to harass enemy merchant fleet. "Kormoran" was a fairly new freighter, built in 1938. Main armament consisted of six 150mm guns. Secondary armament was two 37mm cannons, supported by five 20mm AA cannons. The equipment also consisted of six torpedo tubes, Arado Ar-196 seaplane, small LS-3 type motor torpedo boat and 400 mines.
In the irony of history, it was not the first German ship under this name on this waters. Its predecessor, German auxilliary cruiser converted from a steamship, was present in the shadow of the dying "Emden" in 1914, its crew forced to watch its demise. 27 years earlier, the previous "Kormoran" was doing his best to outrun the victorious "Sydney" chasing after him, until finally reaching the american island of Guam, where it was put in internment.
Will the history repeat itself this time?
German crew is under command of Theodor Detmers, a seasoned naval officer. All this time he carefully watches the battle, standing in stoic pose on his command bridge, issuing short orders in cold blood. He knows he attacked a prey far too big and mighty for his ship under normal circumstances. But the surprise and chaos gives him hope for winning this engagement, even with his outdated main guns.
German gunnery crews do not rush the shots, focusing on careful and methodical destruction of critical subsystems like fire control or turret suspension. At this distance, they cannot miss. Every few seconds, the deck of light cruiser trembles with another hit. After few whiles a gush of water rises underneath tower "A" when torpedo reaches its target, hitting the forward part of the ship and taking out the rotation system of two forward turrets, effectively disabling them for the rest of the battle. "Sydney" trims forward. HMG crews from "Kormoran" regularly swipe the deck, preventing anyone from reaching secondary armament and AA guns. "Gladiator" is no longer grey, as its deck literally drips with blood.
The battle may seem one sided to this point, but it was far from over. "Kormoran" had no armor at all, and even single shot from enemy main cannon could spell its demise. It was, after all, just an armed civillian vessel going against proper warship. After two full minutes of murderous onslaught, the last functioning, aftmost turret fires its first salvo into the German ship. It is a miss, as turret was aimed at much longer range and all external fire control systems are already lost. However, after few next salvos, first shell finally lands, killing all the engineers in the Kormoran's engine department and drastically slowing its movement. Another shot takes out one of the 150mm guns and yet another one hits the fuel, enlarging the fire already spreading in the engine room.
Covered in smoke and flames, "Kormoran" halts completely, but its guns keep firing, preventing "Sydney" from firing even one shot more. In the last, desperate attempt, the cruiser tries to ram the opposing ship, but misses it and goes behind the stern. The barrage lasts for the next 25 minutes until captain Detmers finally ceases all fire and focuses on fighting the spreading fires. The lifeless wreck that used to be pride and glory of Australia, slowly drifts into horizon, accompanied by occasional explosion of munition caches.
Fire on auxiliary cruiser is spreading and desperate attempts to put it down do not work. The hold is loaded with mines, which can explode any moment. Captain Detmers finally gives order to abandon ship. He himself leaves as the final living member of the crew, not long after midnight. After drifitng for a while, German sailors notice a flash on the horzion. Their adversary - HMAS "Sydney" - finally breathes its last, sinking in an explosion of main munition magazine. Not long after "Kormoran" follows him to the bottom as fire finally reaches the mines stacked onboard.
After few days Australian ships picked up the remaining 318 members of the German crew. Not a single soul from "Sydney" survived. For years, the only memento of the ship were the remains of the raft with signs of gunshots on them, kept in Australian War Memorial. Sinking of the light cruiser was the single biggest loss of Australian lives during the entire war.
The strange battle and the fact, that no Australian survived was a potent ground for conspiracy theories. The public opinion suspected the involvement of Japanese warships or planes, slaughter of the survivors under orders of Detmers or some other scenario, each more fantastical than the one before. Contrary to this, the report for Australian naval command from 1941 clearly supports the testimony of captain Detmers and his crew and concludes that modified civilian vessel indeed sank the cruiser. Both wrecks were finally located in 2008, after years of searching.
This is the conclusion of the battle that brought death to one captain and Knight Cross to the other. To this day it remains the only battle where modified civillian ship managed to sink modern armored warship in direct confrontation and one of the few naval duels that ended in both participants sinking to the bottom.
After 27 years wheel of fortune changed, pitting "Sydney" and "Kormoran" against each other once again. And this time, the Grey Goliath has fallen.
Text written by: Andrzej Matowski - II wojna światowa w kolorze
Photo colorisation: Mateusz Pietruszkiewicz - Kolor na froncie
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2022.01.26 05:19 xxxtogxxx sim settlements is the highlight for fallout 4 on xbox this month, but it's too big to download on the allocated space xbox gives you.

am i missing something?
sim settlements 2 885mb
sim settlements 2:chapter 2 791mb
rise of the commonwealth 7mb
wasteland adventures 327mb
required frameworks are maybe 1mb total
by my math that's over 2gb required, but my xbox only allocates 1.85gb for mods. is there a way to change allocation size? do i have to buy a bigger xbox? i've got hundreds of gigs free. would love to be able to use them.
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2022.01.26 05:19 platagenet25 Why do you lose faith in what you start?

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2022.01.26 05:19 ceesaart When boys gave up and left the water saying "Enough for me", I kept going – Kateryna Nikitenko, first female diver with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. VIDEO

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2022.01.26 05:19 nikobobz Can anybody ID these ants ? Sry for bad quality I took a video. I live in Singapore(south-east Asia) never seen any ants like these before

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2022.01.26 05:19 Agreeable_Double_237 What is your generation’s preferred method of payment?

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2022.01.26 05:19 tyrentosaurus_flex Why is it that in my fluid simulation theres unnatural rectangle shaped borders?

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2022.01.26 05:19 EvenYogurtcloset9798 Google Early Career

I applied for Google software engineer- early career as well asUniversity grad role and recruiter reached out to me with a 45 min interview scheduled after filling out a google form. Is this common because I see everyone getting an OA as the initial round?. Did anyone else get the first round as 45min technical interview?
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2022.01.26 05:19 Elbarto_007 Amazon drone engineer says a manager told him to nap in the evening then go back to work to 'get more hours out of the day'

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2022.01.26 05:19 jeeblesss Just started watching the show for the first time coming in blind.

So I've heard about this show a lot but I never checked it out because I thought I had seen an episode before and I really didn't like it. Well I guess I watched something completely different because I just started watching yesterday out of complete boredom and holy hell is this show good.
It's hilarious! I can't believe I avoided it for this long (mind you I'm not too big on Seinfeld) it's a great show and I can't wait to see what's to come.
Right now I'm on Season 2 Episode 3 and so far so good, though Cheryl is kind of annoying. Like a little too much lmao, but it's cool.
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2022.01.26 05:18 chimmad Help with drawing ideas

I'm bored and don't know what to draw if you jave a character idea or something like 2 things combined I would love to hear the ideas. Thanks
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