Why does it actually take 7 seasons for DS9 to get a counselor?

2022.01.26 04:34 Atem95 Why does it actually take 7 seasons for DS9 to get a counselor?

Every ship has one at this point,so shouldn't a space station be assigned a counselor by default?
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2022.01.26 04:34 Bluejeans_licorice The feeling of infinite loop

I have a great job and a high salary, on paper.
However, i just feel stuck in this infinite loop of working to pay bills and buy stuff.
Im opening my eyes more and more and start wondering why do we all have to be stuck in this infinite loop, just like our grand parents, parents and now us.
And the more i think about it, the more it drives me crazy.
Im just so sick and tired of it.
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2022.01.26 04:34 Smooth-Cod-5128 Tarkov Broken

Ayo am i the only one who cant play tarkov, it crashes either loading the game or a raidf i havent been able to play for a good week or two now, lost laot of kits and im getting fed up ive tried reinstalling and everything
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2022.01.26 04:34 RetardedRL My toe hurt

I need some help and guide. I just started playing and a raid comes and bitch comes and tries to murder my dog(while the people were planting devilstrand)and she gets destroyed by my husky and she gets hurt so i capture her. She becomes my slave and her right (big) toe is infected badly. I need to amputate her but it says need material what materials do I need?
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2022.01.26 04:34 wgroenwold Gevuld Gehaktbrood in Bladerdeeg

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2022.01.26 04:34 Political_LOL_center O kurwa, not again

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2022.01.26 04:34 crustybillabong123 Software engo

Is it true that software engineering here is more electrical engineering than software? Is USYD good for this course? Any advice would be appreciated. Please be honest.
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2022.01.26 04:34 ElyssiaG2108 Selling a coughing

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2022.01.26 04:34 s3iLLesT Anyone else play Vigor?

It’s free to play and reminds me of SOCOM. If anyone is on PS5 and downloads it, let me know! I’ll be on tomorrow morning around 10 a.m.
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2022.01.26 04:34 Old-Patience8237 thfcholly • r/thfcholly1

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2022.01.26 04:34 AZTower What’s your top 3 songs on OTBT?

Mine are... 1. Options 2. Is It You 3. Heavy
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2022.01.26 04:34 Hoganheroine Anyone know where to get a lover vinyl at?

I was planning on getting lover from her website but it just sold out for me and I was wondering where I could get one for a similar price? I looked on Amazon and they were selling it for $50-70 and Poshmark was selling it for even more and same with depop. It’s sold out at target for me and people on discogs are upselling it too. Anyone know where else to look or if there will be another restock in her store/target soon?
Thank you so much!!
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2022.01.26 04:34 Tumbleweed-National what’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?

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2022.01.26 04:34 rocuum since my childhood i love pixelart so much, so i finally started to produce and make my first pixel art of life! if someone have any review will help so much. i used my favorite game of base, hope you liked it <3 <3

since my childhood i love pixelart so much, so i finally started to produce and make my first pixel art of life! if someone have any review will help so much. i used my favorite game of base, hope you liked it <3 <3 submitted by rocuum to PixelArt [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 04:34 Arnadus SharkRace Club – the World’s First NFT project with Rarity Upgrade Platform and Play-to-Earn 3D Game

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2022.01.26 04:34 theydoitfor74 “NUDE”

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2022.01.26 04:34 keven57 Ping Problems

So for some reason im always at a stable 140 ping in paladins and ONLY paladins literally any other game im at 30 to 20 ping. its not a big problem its just that ill die to some stupid things because it takes forever for the input to regester. someone please help.
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2022.01.26 04:33 EntertainerBoth4614 Simon the Digger vs Takuto Tsunashi from Death Battle Fanon Wiki in spanish

Simon The Digger vs Takuto Tsunashi is an episode of Death Battle written by Jioto576. In it, Simon The Digger from the Anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Takuto Tsunashi from the Anime Star Driver


In the world there are pilots of all kinds of vehicles, from simple cars to war planes. But these two are characterized by being the best pilots in their universe specialized in giant robots, in this fight they will face each other to find out who will be the best navigator of the stars. Who will win? The Drill that Shattered the Heavens? Or the unstoppable and charismatic Gingka Bishounen?


Sounds:(Wiz and Boomstick )

Naunj: Accidents in the world can bring different types of consequences, they can ruin or improve your life in various aspects.

CF: Since you are the only one who can change the course of your life. Like these two badass pilots, who, with their incredible power, navigate the vast outer space in search of their freedom.

Naunj: Simon the Digger, the Drill that will break the heavens.

CF: And Takuto Tsunashi, the Galactic Bishonen. He is Naunj and I am CF.

Naunj: And it will be our job to analyze their weapons, powers and abilities to know who would win in a DEATH BATTLE!

Simon Drills into DEATH BATTLE!

Suena:(Moles are Mere Moles, Right?-Gurren Lagann)

Name: Simon the Digger
Age: 21
spiral bearer
Found a loli in a box in the middle of nowhere.

Naunj: For centuries before humanity knew it, there were two types of energies capable of managing people's attitude, these were known as spirals and anti-spirals.

CF: However, there was a conflict between these, since the anti-spirals considered that the spirals were capable of destroying all life, so they were protected as inert life forms.
Naunj: The first war would start when the Anti-Spirals took action, but after being at the neutral point of their battle, Lordgenome as commander of this war in order to avoid more victims, left everyone in underground populations with precarious living conditions. life, and a single goal. Dig.

CF: Shit, it's the same thing I used to do when I had to hunker down at the end of the day in Minecraft.

Naunj: The Anti-Spirals had sent their soldiers, known as the beastmen, to the surface to ensure that no human could develop 100% spiral power.

CF: Life for humans had become more than monotonous. This is the story of Simon the digger.

Naunj: Simon was orphaned because his parents were buried underground in one of his excavations, Simon would then get to establish a relationship with a man named Kamina.

CF: Both of them would treat each other as brothers, Kamina had hopes of one day being able to see that sky that he saw as a child with his father.

Naunj: One day, while Simon was digging, he found a peculiar object in the shape of a small drill. This object is known as the spiral.

CF: His brother Kamina always saw huge potential in Simon even though Simon was a complete loser back then. Both brothers in one of their attempts to flee the village, were stopped by the chief of that place, imprisoning Kamina, but Simon would not let this happen, so while digging he also found a peculiar robot known as Ganmen, but Closer still he woke up a beastman.

Naunj: When Simon was tried for digging without permission, the mayor woke the beastman up fully. Kamina would try to stop him, but as if it were a miracle, a young girl named Yoko would spring into action to help them.

CF: Go waifu, just look at that great body she has.

Naunj: Without a doubt. Simon would power up his Ganmen for the first time with the power of the spiral, Kamina nicknamed him Lagann. From there, our protagonists would leave the hell where they were and live new adventures defeating the Anti-Spirals with robots that break laws of logic.

You Can Hear:(To Hell with Your Combi / Gattai nante Kusokurae!! )

CF: Lagann has a drill as his main weapon, as you can imagine. This drill, although it looks small, is really very powerful, it is capable of drilling entire mountains of rock, running as if it were cheese.

Naunj: That's true, but it all depends on Simon and his moods. In extreme cases it can spill all the spiral energy and simply shut down.

CF: Lagann's signature attack is the Lagann Impact. He used this several times against the Beastmen Ganmen.

Sounds:(Oma No XXX of... )

Naunj: But after a fatal day.................. after several adventures together, when they tried to attack Viral's base who had revenge towards Kamina........ ............ due to Simon's mistake after having lost hope with Yoko, Kamina took the risk of trying to wake up Simon, and she fought, she fought until she couldn't anymore and....... ......... Died..........


Naunj: But even so, Kamina, I can't help but believe that Simon must be the leader of the brigade. The battle ended and Kamina would say goodbye... forever..........


Naunj: Simon lost hope even more and on the second attempt to attack Viral's base he escaped. But on the way he met a peculiar loli, this was the daughter of King Raseen. Nia.

CF: This inspired Simon to move on, Simon would defend her with everything he had left and he recovered the energy to return with more encouragement than ever.

Sounds:(Omae No XXX De Ten wo Tsuke! )

Naunj: Simon would defeat several of King Rasen's minions with his new mecha, Gurren Lagann, the fusion of his brother's mecha and his own. This transformation was used before but has more relevance from now on.

CF: Gurren Lagann is amazing, he can take drills out of his hands and pierce entire steel ships, generate earthquakes from a huge distance. As a defense method you can get drills from all the holes.

Naunj: He can also quickly fly through deserts in seconds. Ah resisted all kinds of impacts and almost being split in half, his main attack and the rest onwards is the mythical GIGA DRILL BREAK, which is basically like the KO for many Power Rangers style robots, since the attack enlarges a drill triple its size.

CF: Although it is supposed to be piloted by two people, Simon developed the ability to pilot the mecha solo.

Naunj: The Dai-Gurren brigade would grow even bigger, their new base was stolen from Viral, and when they finally managed to get to King Rassen they defeated his mecha that could easily destroy cities with hits considering the size of their base.

CF: Peace would reign over the planet again thanks to the Dai-Gurren brigade!

Naunj: Or at least we would think so.

Sounds:(All of You, Get Burned!

CF: It's true, time passed and many events happened during 9 years. Simon was now the supreme commander of the new land which he brought forth by destroying the beastmen except for Viral (Who cannot die).

Naunj: When Simon was going to have his marriage with Nia, it was revealed that this was nothing more and nothing less than the messenger of the Anti-Spirals and sent them a message, about the moon crashing with the earth in a short time due to that the stipulated number of humans increased.

CF: Simon in trying to avoid an anti-spiral attack misused his Ganmen, so he was arrested by Rossiu, a young man they rescued from a village in the past, who is supposed to be his friend. The city had gone completely crazy and in charge of Commander Rossiu.

Naunj: But in the middle of all this there was another Anti-Spiral attack on Simon's trial, so with a bomb and all Simon was left to use his Ganmen to stop the attack.

CF: He goes back to jail and after getting mad at Viral, both are arrested in a remote cell and Nia shows up to tell Simon to decide but out of nowhere the waifu rikolina appears and helps Simon and Viral escape.

Naunj: The guy from the drills is back in action. Joining Gurren Lagann with the crew ship they become.............. Arc Gurren Lagann!.

CF: Gurren Lagann's new transformation, he increases his size and attack power exponentially, he's basically a walking country.

Naunj: In what little we have been shown of it, the Arc Gurren Lagann can generate impacts that can reach stratospheric levels.

CF: His most powerful attack is the Burst Spinning Punch, it generates a spinning wave and destroys space itself.

Naunj: Crazy huh? And that is not even half as powerful as what comes next.

CF: When they finally stop the moon they realize that it is nothing more and nothing less than a huge Ganmen. Nia tries to stop Simon but he makes her see reason and pushes her away so she can stop the moon once and for all, however she is taken to the world of the Anti-Spirals.

Naunj: And like any good male, he goes for his female to the world of the Anti-Spirals now merged with the very Cathedral Terra.


Naunj: Exactly my friend, when they arrived in the world of the Anti-Spirals they received an attack and an ocean of Anti-Spiral substance hit them from which they could not get out, however when they finally started the fusion they became... ................

Naunj: Directly this Mecha is one of the craziest things of all life. It's the size of a fucking solar system, it can withstand planets like balls of clay, it withstood huge ship explosions through thousands of stars and planets.

CF: The Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is capable of using huge drills to pierce alien metals, of Anti-Spiral energy which could be considered as matter close to being impossible to destroy as seen in previous battles.

Naunj: His characteristic attack is to take the glasses he has and mix them into one to throw it like a damn boomerang that destroyed a ship the size of an entire solar system and destroyed a gap in space where the anti-spiral came out.

CF: Holy crap, the creator of this series had a fetish for ending the universe itself.

Naunj: In the final battle many soldiers died from the Gurren brigade including the Papu Kittan leader of the black family. The Anti-Spiral put them into an illusion where they lived lies they longed for. But Simon finally found out who he really is with the help of Kamina's soul.

CF: And prepare your seats, because the last transformation is approaching.

The only......

And magnificent.....


Sounds:(Happily Ever After )

Naunj: After gathering all the Ganmen of the team, the Gurren Lagann reaches its maximum form called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

CF: This form was used to put an end to the supreme form of the Anti-Spiral, where he demonstrated unimaginable things. THIS ROBOT IS THE SIZE OF A FUCKING GALAXY!
(in addition to having this super spiral space which makes it an 11-dimensional being!)

Naunj: HE can use the galaxies as if they were boomerangs, he can get drills from his drills that have more drills :V . The Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann resisted being on a par with the Anti-Spiral who gathered several galaxies and launched them in the form of a Big Bang confirmed by himself.

CF: One of the mecha it has can transform into a giant drill, The Gurren Lagann can ingest that drill and launch an ultimate attack known as................... ……Lagann Impact? Wow, your most powerful attack is named after your first attack, how nostalgic.

Naunj: The drills can also be aligned in different directions and function as projectiles.

CF: The question here is, is there really something that Simon can't do?

Naunj: Some time after the final battle, Simon finally married his beloved Nia but she.......... Disappeared by natural order of the universe... ……After a long time it is seen how he helps a little boy to observe Ganmen flying through the skies, after 20 years.

CF: This guy is without a doubt the fucking master. But he wouldn't be a fucking master without his weaknesses right?

Naunj: Of course he does, since he is still a human and can be affected when fighting by himself, he is not the smartest guy in the world, he goes into battle without thinking, when he is depressed or in a bad state The power of the spiral is reduced a lot and most of his feats depended on his team at his side.

CF: Well done little driller! You became without a doubt the drill that pierce the heavens .

Simon: My brother is dead...! He won't be around here anymore...! But...! On my back...! And my heart...! He will become one with me and stay alive...! If you're going to dig, dig to the sky...! Even if it's my own grave, I'll dig and move on...! No matter the way, if I do it, I win...! Who the hell do you think I am...? I'm Simon...! Not Kamina or my brother...! It's Me...! "Simon the Digger"...!

Takuto Cyberpilot


Sounds:(Komorebi no Contact-Star Driver )

Takuto Cyberpilot


Sounds:(Komorebi no Contact-Star Driver )

Name: Takato Tsunashi

Age: 16

Holder of the Mark of Taw

For some reason all the girls want with him. Even so his fanfics are mere Yaoi


Naunj: Some time ago there were some robots known as Cybodies with the power to generate chaos around the world, so they were locked up by some girls with specific marks on their chests known as The Maidens.

CF: The marks determine the type of pilot you are, since there are 3 marks, those of the warriors, those of the maidens and those of the kings.

Naunj: The activation phrase is Apprivoise!. The marks are obtained naturally. The most powerful Cybodie is commanded by a chosen one known as Sugata Shindo. Zero time is where the Cybodies can reside and where the seals are protected.

CF: Because if they break, well OOF, the Cybodies go back to the real world.

Naunj: For that there is from time to time a Ginga Bishonen or Bishonen Galactico, who owns the robot known as Tauburn, the Cybodie that was designed to be handled by a human.

CF: But a certain group known as La Crux Dazzling, commanded by a guy named Reiji Miyabi, are looking to take down Tauburn and the seals to bring the Cybodies into the real world.

Naunj: This is the story of Takuto Tsunashi, who since childhood was abandoned by his father, who had gone to the island. One day, after the funeral of one of his closest friends, he flew through the skies with a glider as he used to do with his friend, but he fell on some trees where he was left with a peculiar scar that would be Taw's mark.

CF: His new mission would be to go to the island, then, to kick his dad's ass for being an idiot. And the bastard swam away! FROM THE MAINLAND TO THE ISLAND! AS IT DID?!

Naunj: Logic of anime CF . However, after arriving on the island he was found by one of the maidens known as Wako Agemaki, they would become very good friends and Takuto would enter the school.

CF: He was now the Galactic Bishonen, who would henceforth protect the maidens and their seals to destroy each Cybodie.

Sounds:(Dazzling The Stage )

Naunj: Takuto is a great strategist, he has knowledge about Kendo and swordsmanship arts.

CF: A relevant factor since, when it enters its mecha, it can summon two swords.

Naunj: These are the Saphir and Emeraude swords.

CF: These swords are made from Libido, the Cybodies' source of power. These swords can cut through different types of metals. These can generate One Shots with an attack called "Intergalactic Cross Cut".

Naunj: The movements that Takuto performs are imitated by Tauburn. Both have been shown to move through mountains and ground zero with great speeds, dodging projectiles and lasers from great distances.

CF: Tauburn is the most versatile Cybodie of them all, he can resist being nearly disintegrated or snapped.

Naunj: Apart from swords, Takuto can charge an attack in the palm of his hand and turn it into a drill, this one is called Pile Crusher, which was able to repel the blow of one of the Cybodies prototypes of the Phase 2 Dazzling Crux who they could easily tank the island.

CF: In addition to having the ability to fly with the Pile Jet, this flight is so fast that it was able to dynamically dodge thousands of attacks from Samekh, and leave the planet in seconds.

Naunj: Tauburn can also charge an attack from the center of his chest called Chesto, a high power and range laser that can destroy entire mountains.

CF: Takuto also has small stacks of beams next to him, which are activated as if they were missiles.

Naunj: Even with all this arsenal, Takuto was fooled by Sugata, who was now part of the dazzling crux.

Sounds:(Libido-Star Driver)

CF: The desire for power grew, in addition to that, Takuto's father appeared, who is actually the leader of the dazzling crux.

Naunj: Sugata was tricked by Tokyo into obtaining Samekh so he could fly across the galaxy when the maidens' seals were destroyed.

CF: All for losing a love, dammit... What things.

Naunj: Even so, Takuto never gave up and the real world would make way for the Cybodies, Samekh had been freed. In a last hasty attack they came out of the ground, they fought and well, Takuto was finally able to free everyone... If the story really isn't much, they concentrated at least a lot on the padding and aesthetics so... .

CF: Takuto's greatest known feat was withstanding the Samekh core explosion that completely destroyed Tauburn and generated an explosion seen from space.

Naunj: The radius of the explosion was spread across the entire earth, considering all this and knowing the previous power that was mentioned to us about the superior robot Samekh, this would put it on a scale close to continental with 40 exatons of force.

CF: great, however, Takuto has certain weaknesses, being the main ones, having mostly feats with his team next to him, with Wako protections and other things.

Naunj: The analysis was too short, should we add something else?

CF: Let's see.....of course, the most powerful ability. The Tau Missile.

Naunj: With the Tau Missile, Takuto is launched at unimaginable speeds, the Tau Missile can also destroy the power source of the opponent's artifacts, but it requires a lot of precision and gather as he says "The energy of the galaxy".

CF: Takuto is someone who may not be the smartest, but you can always count on him to watch your back.

Naunj: What we will never know is if he is gay or not.

CF: Didn't he stay with Wako or something?

Naunj: Go tell the fanfics on Wattpad.

Takuto: When what you want to do is what you have to do, you can hear the voice of the world, that's how it was, right? So let's raise our voices! And let's enjoy our youth together! Apprivise!


Sounds:(Wiz and Boomstick )

Nau: Alright the combatants are ready, it's time to settle this once and for all.

CF: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!


Place: (Space)

Heard: (Can't Stop Burning! )

The entire void of space surrounds the scene, the planets follow their natural course. While all this was happening, almost out of nowhere, a robot of colossal size approaches, its color was red, it had sunglasses in the center, this was nothing more and nothing less than the Gurren Lagann.

The scene is now shown in the cabin of the Gurren Lagann, in which Simon is with his pet Boota. One screen now shows sniper Yoko Litnner.

Yoko: Simon, are you alright?

Simon: Yeah. I just think I'm taking things a little slow. Haven't you received any recent communication of what we are looking for? I think it would be better to have a reference before anything else.

Yoko: No, we're still working on it. Yoko turns to the right* Ron we don't have anything yet?

Ron: I'm afraid not Miss Litnner, but according to it, it's a type of hidden energy in a gigantic black robot, it is said that it can create very dangerous weapons and absorb energy from the planet.

Simon: Gigantic robot huh? I think I could try something. I will continue on my way. Thanks for the information.

Yoko: Be careful!

I'm losing the signal*

Simon continues at full speed through the planets.

Place: (Cruz Island)

Sounds:(Shuusoku No Aria)

The scene where Takuto and company celebrate an anniversary since Samekh's defeat is now shown. The lights and karaoke is the center of attention.

Takuto: Hoooooo..... How great to finally have a well-deserved break..... Hey Wako, could you bring me some of those buns?

Wako: How lazy you are, Takuto.

Takuto: Come on! Don't be like that!

Wako: Okay I guess this time.

Sugata: Heh...

Takuto: And what are you laughing at?

Sugata: Hmph, it's nothing.

Takuto: Think* (It's always this annoying...)

Wako approaches Takuto and whispers in his ear.

Wako: Hey Takuto... I need to talk to you alone for a moment

Takuto: Wait what...?

Sugata: What's up?

Wako: No-it's nothing!. Come on Takuto, we have to receive visitors!

Sugata looks at them strangely, but doesn't pay much attention to this.

Sounds: ( 20 Battle )

Takuto: Now tell me Wako, why did you need me?

Wako: I feel a presence of a Cybodie some distance from here, but.... His energy is not normal....It seems different.... Can you take care of this today?

Takuto: Ughhhh Damn! I can't rest even on my anniversary... But it's all for our own good!


Takuto transforms into his Ginga Bishonen form and takes flight into outer space.

back to space

Tauburn flies full speed with his Pile Jet and breaks out of the atmosphere. When he manages to get there, he sees Gurren Lagann in the distance.

Simon turns to look at Takuto.

Simon: Thinking* This robot seems to be from here, I should ask if he knows.

Hey you! A question!

Takuto: Thinking* Maybe this is the one Wako is talking about, but I won't make a hasty decision.

ummm tell me! I don't have much time, I'm looking for someone!. And I had to interrupt an anniversary of facing a very badass robot!

Simon: Very badass robot.... Hey! Isn't that robot by any chance black? I am looking for it, since it represents a threat, its composition must remain in my hands!

Takuto: Thinking* What-What? Why is he looking for Samekh? Perhaps...


Sounds:(Monochrome-Star Driver )

Simon: what? Didn't you hear?! It's a potential threat!

Takuto: I won't let you take the power of Samekh! APPRIVOISE!

Tauburn gets into battle stance*

Simon: You asked for it like that! I'll force it then!

Simon recharges all of his spiral power and spins his drill.


Takuto approaches Simon at high speed.

Takuto: Star Sword! emerald!

A gigantic green colored sword comes out of Takuto's chest.

Simon: What the hell?

The Star Driver tries to cut off Simon's drill but Simon reacts instantly, Simon's drill spins with speed redirecting the attack, as well as hitting Tauburn a bit. The Ginga Bishonen backs off.

Takuto: Star Sword! Saphir!

The second blue colored sword is drawn.


The Gurren Lagann starts spinning his drill harder and flies towards Takuto who easily dodges it and kicks it and makes several zig zag attacks with Libido's swords.

Takuto: Take that!

Simon: Heeee... Pathetic! Time to make this more interesting, do you think?

Takuto: What the hell are you talking about?

Simon: OF THIS!

Sounds: (Nikopol-Gurren Lagann)

Simon pulls out several drills from everywhere that hit Tauburn in different directions.

Simon: Rock time!

Simon flies at high speed towards Tauburn and grabs him in the face and slams him into his knee, after which Tauburn retreats and cleans up a bit.

The Gurren Lagann grabs his glasses and triples them to throw them like boomerangs, Tauburn dodges them but is caught by Simon who tries to break his chest.

Takuto: CHEST!

A laser is launched at high power, Gurren Lagann falls but recovers energy.

Simon: Heh...

Takuto: Give up! You are no match for the Ginga Bishonen!

Simon: You haven't seen anything.... SPIN ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A huge base appears behind and joins Simon, the fusion begins... Now Gurren Lagann was...

Simon: ARC GURREN LAGANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A now silver-colored robot enters the scene, Tauburn sprinting through space spinning around.

Simon: Turn around!

Takuto: What do you mean-

Arc Gurren Lagann charges his Full Power with pure spiral energy, it generates a wave that makes Tauburn stop and he is lifted up where Simon punches him. Takuto falls from his base and the robot begins to glitch.

Takuto: You're good at yelling your brutality huh?

Simon: They don't tell me the drill that breaks the heavens for nothing!

Takato: Great!

Tauburn arranges his swords in a cross and runs towards the Arc Gurren Lagann.

Takuto: Intergalactic Cross Court!

The attack reaches the Arc Gurren Lagann hitting it seriously.

Simon: Oh yeah?!


The cybodie receives the impact and at the same time another dimension opens where they both enter. Already in her the hole begins to close.

Takuto: But wha-what?!





Simon's drill becomes huge and rams Takuto out of the dimension they were in and they both come back.

The Drill continues to spin as the Ginga Bishonen tries to escape from it. At that Takuto gains strength and grabs Simon's drill, his arms start to burn, but he finally stops it.

Takuto: This is my chance! Pile Crusher!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takuto begins to collect energy in his hand and rams the Arc Gurren Lagann in its entire face spinning thousands of times.

Takuto: Ugh.... Ugh....

Yoko appears again on Simon's screen.

Yoko: Simon! Are you okay?!

Simon: Yeah... It's just child's play! Send the Ganmen! Time to end this once and for all!

Yoko: Right away!

Wako watches Takuto from a distance.

Wako: Re-remember the indicated words Takuto!

Sugata: I should....

Takuto: Thank you Wako! And don't worry Shindo! I can with this rebel!

Sounds: (Release Me From Hell)

Simon: Rebel...? Heh..... You have no idea....

Takuto: You're trying to steal something so important to us! get lost!

Simon: Are you aware of what you saying...?

Takuto: Hmm...?

Simon: My team.... And me! We are more than you think pretty boy! We don't give a fuck what you stand for....

The moon begins to unite with Simon.

Simon: Because......

Simon's Mecha begins to grow exponentially. Takuto can only watch as he is overshadowed by a mecha that begins to become the size of the solar system.



Simon moves his arm grabbing a planet*


The leader of the Gurren brigade grabs another planet*


Simon collides both planets generating an attack of immense magnitudes.


The attack is now directed towards the Star Driver. Takuto can't believe what's in front of him. But Wako's voice echoes in his head.

Simon: I think this will do....

Takuto breathes....*

Takuto: Uchita wagashi yaga dance

Simon: Uchi... what?

Sounds: (Buriki Without Dance)

Takuto: I may be cornered, right now... But... You can never destroy my spirit..... LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takuto moves at high speeds with his Pile Jet and Simon launches several drills to try to slow down Takuto, who uses his beams to destroy each one.

Simon: Wh-what?!

Takuto: Surprised?!

The leader of the Gurren brigade grabs his glasses and puts them together to cut Takuto in an effective attack, Cute Galactic Boy prepares himself and when the attack is directed towards him.....


CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.............................. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

The glasses are shattered, Simon attacks with more drills, but Takuto cuts them with his Star Swords. Simon uses his main drill, stops Takuto..... But Takuto uses his Pile Crusher and breaks free with imminent speed.

Takuto: The energy of the galaxy....... Gathers in me....... Dazzling Comet.......

MISSILE TAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takuto is launched by Tauburn at light speeds through all the stars, Simon while trying to charge more spiral energy to stop him but it is useless.

Simón: Go bastard...... You do well.

The Tau Missile hits the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to finally generate a huge explosion.....

Takuto: I did it..... Wako.... Shindo....Mizuno.... Keito..... Mom....


Sounds: (Days of Sorairo)

Takuto turns his gaze back, he can't believe what he's seeing, in fact, he can't even see it clearly.

Takuto: Wh-what-WHAT?!

This was nothing more and nothing less than the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Yoko: The troops have arrived, now, beat that Takuto!

Simon: Of course I will... Because...

Simon moves his arm and starts spinning his drills.


Simon swiftly directs his attack at Takuto.


Simon begins to fall little by little with each fuse.


Takuto just watches as the drill continues to spin in front of him. Takuto: I'm sorry... Everyone...


THIS IS TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon destroys Tauburn's cabin and grabs Takuto by the neck. Simon:


A drill shoots out of Takuto's hand and quickly pierces through Takuto who explodes into pieces.

The entire Gurren brigade celebrated the event.

Simon: Hmmmmm..... If only you had understood...

Simon returns to Gurren Lagann and throws Tauburn onto the island where he falls onto the beach. They all go to observe and find the horrific scene.


Sounds: ( Tsuduku Sekai )

CF: Well, there's the pretty guy.

Naunj: Actually the battle was not very difficult to decide.

CF: Yes, really whatever Takuto tried to do was in vain.

Naunj: While Takuto has faced several Cybodies in his life and is trained in sword fighting arts. This was completely useless.

CF: Remember the explosion of 40 Exatons that Takuto survived? Well stay with that.

Naunj: From an early age, Simon could pierce mountains with Lagann, things that cost Takuto.

CF: And it gets worse when you discover that Simon can evolve his robot to sizes that break logic itself! i mean , put yourself to create a robot that can reach sizes of fucking galaxies!

Naunj: Simon is also older, he faced characters like King Rassen (anti spiral) or even the anti spirals for 8 years. Add that to the fact that with his sheer strength he has opened gaps in space and resisted Big Bangs in the face. Libido also has its limits, Simon can simply determine with his spiral power.

CF: Takuto's feats were One Shot as maximum island destroying robots right? Well, Simon was able to take down huge floating bases the size of countries, entire moons, and solar system ships.

Naunj: Takuto was a skilled contender, he was also intelligent and charismatic, but even with his best arsenal and skills he couldn't take down the excavator and his superior strength, stamina, speed, experience and hax.

CF: It seems that Takuto was Crash-barked!

Naunj: The winner is Simon the Digger.
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2022.01.26 04:33 feckthis3 The threats of Russia invading the Ukraine shows that we really do need a superpower like the US in the world.

The US is probably the only thing stopping Putin from invading the Ukraine and a number of other ex Soviet countries.
None of the European countries would do shit if Russia invades. And NATO would have stood and watched the massacre of women and children like they have done many times before.
Because everyone knows the US loves a good old war and the profit it brings to their arms industry Putin could not bet against retaliation if he does invade Ukraine.
As much as I dislike the warmongering US this type of thing shows that they are the least worst of the worlds superpowers.
Imaging what China, Russia or any of the other dozen rogue nations would have done if the US wasn’t around!
So I for one are thankful for our US overlords and the peace they bring to the world….. wow. I never thought I would say that out loud……
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it's a joke
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