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물 끓는다...!!!
먹튀감정사 https://verification.k
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I fully support online or a hybrid model as an immunocompromised international student but this is getting absolutely ridiculous at this point you guys can live in your fantasy land and argue how this isnt fair and this is that blah blah blah but the fact is that UofT CANNOT FORCE PROFS TO DO HYBRID AND THATS THE END OF THE STORY NOTHING WILL CHANGE WITH US MAKING DAILY POSTS ABOUT THIS BECAUSE AN AGREEMENT WAS MADE BETWEEN UTFA AND ADMIN
now what about us just going fully online??
UofT is ADAMANT on going back in person (maybe its because its an in person university and maybe its because UofT loses money due to fixed costs when we go online, it does not matter since whatever the reason is UofT DOES want to go in person)
Our in person return plan complies with all provincial guidelines and our plan has been APPROVED by toronto public health (peel public health if you are a UTM student) so there are no legal restrictions or hurdles UofT has to pass through anymore. Since UofT's plan is okay with the public health officials then obviously UofT will not be giving two fucks about what students who are NOT public health officials have to say about the risks of going in person . How naive can you be if you seriously think kids who are still finishing their bachelors degrees (99% not even in public health) have an opinion that matters to uoft?
NEWSFLASH IT DOESNT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AS SMART AS YOU THINK YOU ARE AND IF YOU ARE THEN PLEASE POST YOUR DEGREE IN PUBLIC HEALTH AND YOUR RESUME AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU ARE MORE QUALIFIED THAN OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND SEND THIS TO UOFT AS WELL AND I WILL FULLY SUPPORT YOU IF YOU HAVE VALID POINTS. Unless something crazy happens and the bubonic plague version of covid is created there is no reason for public health officials to go back on what they said and those are the only people uoft cares about and trusts in shaping their decisions in the health and safety aspects
what about all the students who are immunocompromised? we contact accessibility services thats what
i contacted them after our announcement was made and they quickly made accommodations that suit my specific needs and i am sure if you have proof and valid reasons for accommodations they will be made for you because that is what accessibility services is made for. Although literally 99% of you guys using this us immunocompromised students as a reason are not anything close to immunocompromised and just like throwing us out there to repeat what people have said about 1000 times in this sub
what about international students? i came here when i was told we would go back in person so if anyone decided to gamble on us continuing online that is YOUR problem and even though i understand how it might feel shaky because of the past, UofT will not see a gut feeling as a valid excuse and that is THAT and i am sorry but this is the cold harsh truth
okay what if we catch covid?
we arent the first people to get sick guys what the fuck UofT will tell you to get notes from a classmate/friend and mark your absence on acorn and if your missing a test then contact your prof and he will weigh your final more or some other sort of accommodation will be made just like they have been in the past
i literally do not see any valid reason (from UofT's perspective) why UofT would go online
petitions do not matter, posts on this subreddit do not matter, emails to the dean do not matter , every single one of the concerns/reasons to stay online all have answers that UofT can give
do i agree with all of these answers? FUCK NO but i came to terms with the fact that from UofT's perspective all the arguments are just not valid at all and we should instead focus on other things that wont be wasted efforts such as:
1.) bringing back contract tracing
2.) free n95 masks for every student
3.) unlimited cncr
4.)upgrading MERV filters to HEPA which are better for trapping airborne viruses such as covid 19
5.) increased access of rapid tests and pcr tests for symptomatic students
6.) open up onsite vaccination
and many more
these things although might still have an answer from uoft have a much higher chance of being implemented as admin likely hasnt heard these concerns yet
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2022.01.26 04:47 Alejandro211700 alguien interesado en ver una colección de ex y hacer ranking de ellas? Kik alejandro211700

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2022.01.26 04:47 ronperlmanforever69 Why do truck /SUV drivers generally seem like douchebags?

A bit of a generalization here, i know, but i feel like the amount of assholes on the road driving compact cars is far smaller than the one driving trucks or SUVs. Are unpleasant people actually more likely to buy a big car, or is that confirmation bias on my part?
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2022.01.26 04:47 yohowithrum Tim Dillon on Twitter - "Everyone asking about the Toronto show all I can say is your government is literally fucking insane..."

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2022.01.26 04:47 jimithelizardking [positive] u/Bernie51Bro

Great trade partner, cards arrived safely and quickly. Would definitely recommend this user.
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2022.01.26 04:47 Scribble-Bits I’m not convinced that Prince wasn’t a tufted duck. It would explain all of his shrieks and screams in his music

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2022.01.26 04:47 JohnyAngelo Stuttering, seemingly unfixable?

So I've kinda refunded the game twice already, I do want to play it, but it's frustrating.
When I get in game, even with no mods, the game lags every 5-10 sec for about a half a second, when I switch to internal camera it lags for much longer.
This was the case in FS19 but only for the first minute or so when you would load the session but here it seems to be persistent.
Are there any common work around here? Or is there perhaps any particular setting that fixes it? I only found some folks having problem with FPS drops, which is not my case, the fps is high it just freezes in almost regular intervals.
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2022.01.26 04:47 brizdoxg Mlem

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2022.01.26 04:47 DocCaliban Safe place to keep money other than saving account?

Literally "asking for a friend". She doesn't trust investing (knows nothing about it but does not want to go that route) and wants to take her money out of savings because, apparently, she no longer trusts that either. Does not want to bury it in the yard, but wants a safe place for it. Safe deposit box? I have no idea what to tell her. Thoughts?
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