First date since the breakup - there’s hope!

2022.01.26 05:15 No-Improvement4265 First date since the breakup - there’s hope!

So I had a date planned for yesterday. That morning I found out that my grandfather had passed away, I messaged the girl and explained that I’d still like to take her for dinner as it would be a nice distraction from how I was feeling. She was very understanding and said “see how you feel, even if you cancel last minute that’s totally ok”. Dinner was booked for 7pm. I was held back at work and didn’t make it there until 8! Again, this girl was so understanding and messaged me to say “take your time I’m happy to wait”. We are, laughed, told our life stories and had a great time. The conversation turned to ‘relationships’ (gulp) and I explained to her that my last relationship was fairly recent and that I’m still not fully over it. That I’m open to dating but wouldn’t want to jump into a relationship any time soon. She said she respects me for being honest and is happy to keep things casual and see me again, whatever I feel comfortable with as long as I communicate. The bill finally arrives and she grabs it. I tell her no way, first dates on me and really push for it, but she was having none it ! “You could use a break” she said.
So this girl waits an hour, is in no way upset about hanging around alone, totally sympathetic towards my situation regarding the breakup and then pays?
My ex knew me for 6 years and left me “to be alone”. This girl knows me for a few weeks and treated me like I mattered to her. I’m not sure what will happen in the future but this one date has really re-shaped my outlook on the future, to know that there are some incredible people out there.
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2022.01.26 05:15 sayinedi I just realized that there is no one in my life that I like the most or consider most important.

I think I am in the phase of life where if someone asks me who the most important person in my life is, I have no answer. There is literally no one in my life that are a priority or someone I actually love. While my family is amazing, I am now more independent and in a position where they are not my primary circle. I don't know how to feel about it.
I think there is a chance that I might be in this position might last for life. My parents were emotionally distant when growing up and most of the time I want that kind of unconditional love that many kids have. I was also a kind of high school outcast and honestly, all my life has been in the shadows. I don't think it would be fair for me to expect a woman (I am a straight man) to love me the way I want to be loved. I am just 22, but I think most people my age or older are probably not ready to love someone who is craving affection and attention since childhood.
I do have friends whom I like a lot, but they are not as intimate as I would like. It sucks to not have a healthy childhood and when you grow up, most people aren't ready to deal with you. To be honest, I just literally want someone to love me as my parents should have. She is a great mother, no questioning that, she works extremely hard to make sure I have an amazing life. But I don't think my needs were met as a kid. I have an inner child that needs to grow up but refuses to until he receives the kind of attention he deserved. I am taking therapy and it is working, but I deeply wish that someone loves me unconditionally and makes me feel at home.
Right now, I have no person who is directly affected by my decisions. I flew from India to Canada alone pretty young at 18. When I get a job, I can relocate anywhere it calls for. I can change cities as much as I like. It feels good to have that freedom, but also feels lonely. I would like if someone is affected by my decisions. It would be great if there is someone in my life based on whom I make decisions. Someone because of whom I have to think twice before taking risks. I have no responsibility to anyone, and I don't like that feeling somehow.
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2022.01.26 05:15 Holamoncat Borjomi

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2022.01.26 05:15 ZoolShop Peter Robbins, original Charlie Brown voice actor, dead at 65

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2022.01.26 05:15 BroMandi [eBay] IdeaPad 5 Pro 16: 16" QHD+ IPS, Ryzen 5 5600H, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Win11H @ $557.99 + F/S [Deal Price: $557.99]

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2022.01.26 05:15 the-great-saiyaman64 sword disposal

I have two bunt, rusted and old swords that I don’t want anymore and I wondering what is the proper way of disposing of them, like can I just throw them into the bin for the rubbish truck to collect? is that illegal? I don’t know what is the proper way to dispose them?
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2022.01.26 05:15 Valuable_Classroom_6 ..0

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2022.01.26 05:15 Svooper Quickly drew zhongli so he comes home.

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2022.01.26 05:15 AngryCrab Voodoo Lady inspiration? (play at 75% speed)

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2022.01.26 05:15 Ok_Catch2705 Lifesaver Talent

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2022.01.26 05:15 Nine-LifedEnchanter Best book about building stage illusions

Hullo, chaps!
I am yet again in dire need of your expertise. I have the pleasure of having an after-school class in magic with kids and they have a desire to work towards a stage act.
My budget doesn't reach much further than my arm and while I do have props and ideas for easier routines they desire one stage illusion. I already have Mark Wilson's complete course in magic which has a number of stage illusions and I recently bought The Maker's magician's handbook that have yet to arrive.
Is there any book that is a "must have" when it comes to building stage magic?
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2022.01.26 05:15 nefretediyorum New budgie itching his butt

İt's been 2 days since I got him. He's still not moving that much and eat a little bit. I notice that he's itching his butt with his foot a few times. And I see some poop stick to his bottom feathers, it's like he couldn't clean it. He's approximately 6 months old.
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2022.01.26 05:15 assagitaz Monostone - Stones (Radio Edit) [SkyTop]

Publisher: SkyTop
Out Date: 2022-01-24
Quality: MP3 10.84 Mb / AIFF 47.65 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Monostone - Stones (Radio Edit) / (Key Fm, BPM 124, Length 4:30)​
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2022.01.26 05:15 Shunooks Restyled Robin Sterling

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2022.01.26 05:15 Immediate-Rhubarb-29 Quarashi | Full stack decentralised system | ICO - Easy X5 | Crypto wallet available on Google Play & AppStore.

Quarashi is a full-stack project with different core components. The first ever non custodial pocket that supports 9000 cryptos with add custom coin. QUARASHI token can be used on all products. 100% secure Calisto Network audit report with open sourced code. Huge community with 35K on twitter, 10K on telegram. Quarashi consists of:
Non-Custodial Crypto wallet
VPN & Anon Browser
ICO - Whitelist is open. In order to be able to participate in the sale, the participant needs to register and verify yar account.
accepted Currencies: ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT
coins for Sale: 50.000.000 QUA
price: $0.06 / QUA
Quarashi Network is a multi-currency crypto portfolio, next-generation project for yar cryptocurrency journey with Defi Blockchain UI Multi chain crypto portfolio, decentralised exchange, and private chat. Them. Now it's available in Google Play

Welcome to Quarashi community!
Website quarashi dot network
Telegram quarashinetworkofficial
twitter QuarashiN
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2022.01.26 05:15 iamcalifw 🔥 BitDAO Just stealth launched now |Renounced Ownership ✌️Exchange Listing ✅ Audit & KYC ❌ Anti-Dump CG/CMC incoming |No Airdrop | GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

BitDAO aims to use its significant financial and talent resources to foster and invest in innovation, collaboration, and growth across DeFi.
Telegram :
BitDAO decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token our mission is to bring people an ease bsc transfers, strong community, and sustainability. It's a 100% community token, every holder should promote it, if you want to pump your investment, you need to do some effort.
Alright guys, you all are so early 😍 Huge profit coming..... Yes... We make sure all is ready and safe and in few mins time ... We will be renouncing ownership soon .... Great time to bag more, Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳
Mission Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together.
This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
Don’t you miss the goood old days of bsc? When projects could actually survive without a rewards contract selling and buying pressure not being able to keep up? When people actually HELD and had the patience to not dump for little profit. Come join us now!
✅ Buy & Sell 0%
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Smart Contract
✅ Promos after launch
✅ Based Team
✅ Stealth Launch
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Total supply 100,000,000,000,000
✅ White paper is out, see website
✅ Black hole with 50% burned already!
Telegram :
Contract: 0x02b4e569a9e3c44d5ae070cc21e64e192619fa4b
Pancakeswap v2 :
Chart :
Renounced Ownership :
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2022.01.26 05:15 Three-Nations Finished my first wasteland warfare model! Was really unsure about the mask and base but I’m happy with how it turned out!

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2022.01.26 05:15 Cientistasacademicos Budas e bodhisattvas são elementos centrais de. Tem uma cosmologia amplamente ex

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2022.01.26 05:15 KittenLB [For Hire] Chibi artwork starting at 15USD! Able to do fanart and original characters!

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2022.01.26 05:15 HermesCat Seeing the same Reddit posts

This isn't a joke about reposts, unfortunately.
For months now I've seen a post, and read the first few comments, and get chills because I swear I had read the exact comments under the exact same post as some unknown point in the past.
It's a bit like deja vu, I think. I'll see a post, and think, "Oh yeah, last time I saw that, the top comment was about _____" and then I checked and yes it is for SURE the exact same series of comments. Then I check when it was posted. 6 hours? No no no, I remember CLEARLY seeing this exact post and comments a couple of weeks ago.
It's very weird. Not sure if superpower or just proof of how much Reddit recycles contents and has unoriginal users 🤷‍♀️
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2022.01.26 05:15 JakeBeezy Question about the difficulty settings and AI aggression

So i started a game at a cheiftain difficulty im new to civ games and wanted to start out light, but i made the only victory mode domination. i also started near the modern era. Im currently like 600 turns into the game and i took out one city state, and i dont want to start a war with one country and get warmonger-ier do the AI ever attack another AI civ or my own somehow so i can just be the one punching back?

TLDR; will the AI ever attack me or another civ while on Cheiftain; or do i need to have started in a higher difficulty setting?
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2022.01.26 05:15 dejobaan Card escape: Plane crash - There was a disaster, your plane crashed into the very center of the forest. And now we need to get out healthy. You will find a lot of cards with different effects, both negative and positive. Survive...

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2022.01.26 05:15 Different_Ad_3620 Should there be a Tutorial how to use Inspect Element in Wikipedia?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 05:15 ShoulderOk2507 Does my DIY wood craft look like the mechanical angel

Does my DIY wood craft look like the mechanical angel
A cutter
A power drill
A band saw
A belt sander
Small metal accessories
A screwdriver
Wax oil for wood
  1. Draw on your piece of wood the outline of your caricature.
  2. Using a band saw, cut along the outline to produce the piece of wood that you will be using as your caricature.
  3. With a belt sander, smooth the surfaces of the piece of wood.
  4. Choose the metal accessories that you will be putting onto the caricature.
  5. Confirm where you would like the caricature’s mouth to be.
  6. With a power drill, drill holes such that they form the shape of the mouth.
  7. Fasten screws into the holes and you will have completed the mouth.
  8. Cut small grooves in the areas where you would like to affix the wings onto your caricature.
  9. Drill small cavities in the areas on the caricature’s head where you would like to affix metal accessories.
  10. Glue your chosen metal accessories, the eyes, and the wings onto the caricature.
  11. Glue metallic gears evenly along the curved surface of the cylindrical base.
  12. Finish with wax oil, and your adorable wood caricature is complete!
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2022.01.26 05:15 Radasanat همه چیز درباره اجاره تاور کرین

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