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How can I hide the status bar and not get a black stripe in it's place?

2021.12.09 00:40 ThorkenSteel How can I hide the status bar and not get a black stripe in it's place?

I tried hiding the status bar through adb and also System UI Tuner, both methods 'worked', but besides hiding the status bar they turned it into a black stripe, is there a way to hide the status bar and a true full screen experience? Galaxy S20 FE One UI 3.1
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2021.12.09 00:40 taaiwa On God.

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2021.12.09 00:40 chugopunk Finally Completed my Turntable Setup

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2021.12.09 00:40 Rabies6666 Unfortunate timing... shifts switches? Help

I'm so stressed out...
I just got hired at TSA and my EOD is December 20th. Which is great. And I'm so excited to start!
However, I had simultaneously applied for a death investigator training academy. I've BEEN applying for 12 years as it's my absolute dream job, and I was just never quite qualified, but now I am..
..and they called me for an interview! Ive waited 12 years for this call. This is the furthest I've ever gone with them. The training academy is just for one month in January, but the timing is incredibly terrible.
Granted, the training days are only two days a week but damn what if its the same time my schedule is... I can't believe this is happening....
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2021.12.09 00:40 TheUberMoose BUG - Changes to settings in the Windows Store PC version do not save

So if you attempt to change ANY graphics settings in the Windows 10 PC version of the game and restart the game the settings dont get saved.
Which means if your computer can not do HDR and HDR is on you get all sorts of issues.
Note this all works on the Steam version.
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2021.12.09 00:40 StrangerAlert112 Where was EMINEM when TUPAC died | Eminem talking about Tupac

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2021.12.09 00:40 rscu22 How am I able to get rank 2 in WL but am losing nearly 10 games in a row in elite div?

I am getting destroyed in Elite division. It is honestly a joke at this point. I feel like I genuinely cannot control my players movements as precisely as my opponent. Every game is the same.
If I just need to git gud fair enough, I just don't see how I can get 12 wins in WL and have absolutely 0 chance in Elite division. I cannot string together passes or even make a simple dribble move past a defender. If I try to turn one way and then the other the defender literally has time to run around and take the ball. Defending is a mess, with my players flying around like headless chickens and overrunning every tackle/pass. Just feels like the people I'm playing have no delay whatsoever.
Do I just suck? haha
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2021.12.09 00:40 ButReallyWhyNot- Sky Lore: I Spent Way Too Much Time On This

So a lot of y’all have been interested in Sky lore and the fall of the Sky kingdom and whatnot, so I decided to do a comprehensive take.
(Long post, tldr at the bottom)
First, let’s establish one thing: The Skykids are not human, nor are they the same species as their ancestor spirits.
Reason 1: They do not look like humans. If you take a height one Skykid (assuming that is the tallest a Skykid can get) and put them up against the office door, they will come right up to the doorknob/handle. If you bring a chibi, they will be about a third of that height. Manufactured doors, to the best of my knowledge, are required to have their handles three feet off the ground. Therefore, the maximum size of a Skykid is about three feet and the minimum size of a Skykid is one foot. It is rare that a human stops growing at three feet, and a one-foot person is still an infant, not able to run, jump, or swim in the slightest. Also, there are no recorded instances of humans with very dark skin and paper white hair.
Reason 2: Their physiology is impossible for a human. I will excuse the flying and stuff because that’s just straight-up magic, but the other stuff might have an explanation. Skykids are never found to eat or drink for energy. (birthday cakes and pumpkins are never eaten, just used as decorations or for the benefits of the human behind the screen) However, Skykids are able to draw energy from fire. My first assumption, given the name of the game, was that the children of the light would draw energy from, you know, light, but then sunny places like Prairie and Valley would recharge you instantly, while places like Vault would starve you instantly. Instead, a more reasonable conclusion would be that Skykids are heat-powered (this becomes really important to the theory later), and only react to high levels of heat. The heat of the planet gives them enough stamina so that they never need to stop running or take a break, but they need to step in fire to store enough energy to do big things like flying. If you’re now wondering why your Skykid isn’t instantly dead in Valley, it’s because they only respond to big changes in temperature. (Big changes in temperature as in 9000 degrees Fahrenheit to absolute zero, not 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.) Also, while Skykids used to (and still do, in Eden) take damage from hitting things, it is nowhere close to the amount a human would take in that situation, because let’s face it, if us humans flew headfirst into a mountain going 20mph and then fell ten stories and crashed on the ground, or took three huge boulders to the face, we wouldn’t be going “oopsie, I lost a unit of energy that I’ll have to get back later, isn’t that annoying” because we’d be DEAD.
We should also establish that ancestor spirits are human. This needs considerably less walls of text.
Reason 1: They look like humans. If you take the height of a height one Skykid and compare it to an ancestor spirit, then you will realize that the spirit is in the reasonable height range for a human. The smallest spirit (Hide and Seek) is the same height as your max height Skykid, making her a reasonable height for a child, which she demonstrates herself to be. While you never see them in color, they do look to be human in proportion.
Reason 2: They function like humans. You can see evidence of their eating (crab campfire in Graveyard, tourist rubbing stomach as if full) and evidence of them getting cold (shivering emote) and tired (fainting emote). If you’re wondering why Skykids have these, they just copy everything they see in the spirit “memories” (I’ll get to that later), not that they actually need to do it.
Okay, now on to the actual lore.
We will go through all the realms, important things in them, and what they mean.
We start in Isle, plodding our way through. There is little technology here, only a few memories of stray nomads. The only technology (I will call it chuki technology because it sounds cool) you see runs off of light and is found in the grass. From this, we can establish that ancient civilization started here, and only when they could get over the cliff could they expand onto the rest of the planet. In their constellation, we can see a staff, and in their art, we see a shaman-like figure leading a worshipping group of people.
The real important thing here is the Cave of Prophecy. In it, we see trials used to determine a mighty warrior, and massive wall art all about. It is likely that this the center of religion, and that the religion centers around the tallest mountain peak behind the cliff, and what wonders might be on it. A prophecy states that a mighty warrior would ascend the mountain and become King of Everything TM.
Next, we go to Prairie. Nothing real important, we just see an increase of chuki and the first taming of animals. One can also note their constellation, a jug, to symbolize when civilization really started to pick up. Looking at the Elder here, he seems fair and skilled with animals, likely a key leader of the time.
We now arrive in Forest. We see lots of chuki everywhere. It should be noted that the rain drains your light; this is likely because hard-falling water inhibits your heat-absorbing functions and/or because it’s polluted. (I’ll get to that later) You also see mantas trapped in darkshroom growths, and are able to release them. Looking at the Elder, hammering at an anvil, and the co-responding constellation, we can assume that this is when industrialization happens, with a great expansion of heat-based technology (chuki). Note that people will still travel back and live The fact that it is heat based will be really relevant later, I promise.
Now we come to Valley. This is a fully industrial society like our own, completely populated (to a concerning point), and interconnected. It’s pretty obvious that we have reached the point of an advanced civilization. The leaders are jovial and kind, but the only thing you see them do is play games. You also see a big gate that is hard to pass through. Once you do, things take a real turn.
We arrive in Wasteland, and it’s immediately clear that something really bad happened. It becomes clearer when you see your first krill kill the last manta in Wasteland. As you go about your way, you see evidence of a great die-off of whales, and the darkshrooms trapping butterflies completely. These are seen as the last butterflies in Wasteland. You also see evidence of a great battle in front of a castle. You also visit the Forgotten Ark, and see the paintings on it. It reveals that the people of the ark were traders, and things were great in Wasteland, but then a mysterious storm came and knocked them out of the sky. With the storm came the krill and darkness, chasing away the butterflies, manta, and other native creatures. You can also see a destroyed building/ship. It is very polluted here, and the spirit memory shows a person sending their family forward, supposedly for something better, before going off depressedly. (This is in stark contrast to the first spirit we play, a man sending his wife and child on an exciting adventure over the cliff. Just an interesting tidbit.)
With this information at hand, we can draw a few conclusions.

  1. An ecological disaster had happened. Two invasive species, the krill and the darkshroom, with no natural predators, feasted on light uncontrolled.
  2. The event originated in Eden, the mountain that their religion is based around.
  3. There was also a war nearby, likely over the mountain (assuming that Vault is carved into it, and we are at the base of it)
We can now determine that the event was a mass ecological catastrophe that caused a mass die-off of many species. It still doesn’t explain how an entire civilization disappeared, but things like that tend to affect everything.
I still don’t know how they got there in the first place or what the exact chain of events was, but I have a far-fetched theory. Hear me out: Eden has its name for a reason, it’s the place this fallen civilization considered to be paradise, an appropriate place to fight over. I believe some group of religious extremists fighting in the war, in an advanced civilization, did something that ruined everything: biological warfare. Perhaps the krill were originally created as a weapon to seek and destroy humans, and the darkshroom an invasive infection that would kill. However, the affects went much farther than they should have, with the krill killing everything with light and the darkshrooms taking care of the rest. The people of Valley put up a big gate to prevent the krill, but they could not protect themselves from the darkshroom infection, which likely killed them directly, as well as causing mass famine.
The last thing we see of the Wasteland Elder is him locking up the castle, the Vault, and with it any promise of safety to those on the outside.
Gee, that got dark real fast.
We venture into Vault. We see many packets of knowledge on the shelves and in the archives. As we travel up, we see visions and stories, meant to tell the story. Beginnings in Isle, expiation in Prairie, industrialization in Forest, prosperity in Valley, war and destruction in Wasteland, and endings (supposedly) in Vault. The Vault Elder greets us sadly, and tells that story, before throwing us up to Eden.
Now, there is something important here that I forgot to mention. The Wasteland elder locked some people out while letting others in, and it appeared he let in the civilization’s best scientists. They meditate, knowing that their civilization is coming to an end, but they also did what they were there to do: research. And you might wonder, what did they research? Well, you can actually visit the results yourself. Their first experiment into other dimensions was kind of a failure, only leading to a weird desert connecting to a couple of asteroids and some kid that came like a century too late. But their other experiment was a success. If you pay 4.99 USD or have a friend who did, you can visit the Office, an almost exact replica of Earth. Perhaps that’s where they went, the last remains of humanity.
And Eden, for all the trouble it’s caused, is just a big mountain with a delicate ecosystem that really got trashed by the krill. Seeing as there were signs of civilization there, maybe that was the origin point, with not even enough light for darkshroom to live off of.
But what do Skykids have to do with this? Why are there random spirit memories laying around? I’ll answer this question first. You remember how we are dealing with a very advanced civilization, right? Well, perhaps they made holographs, activated by the heat of your candle, that guide one on emotions, culture, and history, placed around for you to find, to preserve their dead civilization.
But where does that leave us?
Remember how we needed to establish how Skykids weren’t human before this entire endeavor? Well, that’s important now. What runs off of heat and responds only to extreme temperatures? Chuki technology. What else runs off of heat and responds only to extreme temperatures? You. Who did they leave those holograms for? You. Why did they leave them? So you could learn emotions and culture, because you are chuki and you don’t know them yet. You are the ones that will rebuild the civilization, and we seem to be doing a terrible job.
TLDR: Humans had an advanced civilization based around a religious based around Eden, they got into a big fight over Eden, someone did a big oopsie (biological warfare), remaining humans went to Vault, and then another dimension, and we are the sentient immortal robots sent to rebuild the dead civilization. You know what, just read the thing.
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2021.12.09 00:40 spiderharry02 If you could only eat one for the rest of your life

Variations are allowed
(فول اسكندراني، طعمية محشية، بيض بالبسطرمة الخ)
View Poll
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2021.12.09 00:40 ohstanley Candyman

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2021.12.09 00:40 No_Active_2455 Online on my private server if you join go onto reborn message me and i will dm you the link

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2021.12.09 00:40 randomname76194 Best way to learn Korean

So I’m going to be living in Korea for the sext twelve months due to my first military assignment. I’m looking forward to embracing Korean culture and learning the language as best I can because I realize I am a guest in Korea and want to be as welcoming as I can to new cultures and experiences. I am looking for advice on ways to learn the language as best I can so I can speak it with the locals and individuals I will be working with in the Korean military. If anyone has any tips as to how to learn the language as efficiently as possible.
TLDR: moving to Korea for the U.S. military, and want to learn the language as efficiently as possible
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2021.12.09 00:40 cragar79 Ozric Tentacles - Sunscape (Live Underslunky)

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2021.12.09 00:40 cmnnewsofficial Bank of America now says the crypto metaverse is a ‘massive opportunity’

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2021.12.09 00:40 KrookedZBoy Noble Fire 343 employee armor effect

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2021.12.09 00:40 Ok_Bandicoot7577 🐶🐶New BSC Token - 💸💸💸Free airdrop valued at 0.01 BNB – Mike the Giant Shih Tzu 🐶🐶

Meet Mike. Mike is an adorable Shih Tzu who dreams of becoming the biggest Shiz Tzu that the world has ever seen, and he needs your help! Every time you buy or sell Mike the Giant Shih Tzu, 20% of the amount goes towards buying Dogecoin that is stored in the token to prop up the value and will be paid out to holders as a dividend in the future (we call this Mike’s Belly). Go help Mike grow and make some money while you’re at it!!!
💸💸💸Sign up for chance to win airdrop: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAEZ14OlUQ1VCRFpKRUE1TjU4T1JGWTNMQzNOWk9MMi4u
📲📲📲Telegram: https://t.me/mikethegiantshihtzu
1,000,000 Mike the Giant Shih Tzu
70% for airdrops (1% per person)
Initial Market Cap 1 BNB
20% PancakeSwap liquidity
10% kept by developer
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2021.12.09 00:40 Sadhappyjoy WFL

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2021.12.09 00:40 askanurse2021 Hi my name is Ariel. I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 13 years and now I am happy to announce I am the founder of Askanursellc.com. This is a nurse telephone triage service for Obstetrical patients. Now serving: 1-Pregnant patients 2- Obstetricians and their office 3- Insurance compani

Hi my name is Ariel. I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 13 years and now I am happy to announce I am the founder of Askanursellc.com. This is a nurse telephone triage service for Obstetrical patients. Now serving: 1-Pregnant patients 2- Obstetricians and their office 3- Insurance compani submitted by askanurse2021 to pregnancynz [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 00:40 inksamaproductions Someone posted a picture of a pot on Discord and I knew what I had to do

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2021.12.09 00:40 totzalotz Sales people that work in snowy areas: what are your favorite boots/shoes to wear?

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2021.12.09 00:40 MoniMokshith Trump logic when I win it’s fair when I loose!

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2021.12.09 00:40 autobot00 When terrorist organizations just aren't what they used to be....

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2021.12.09 00:40 oxXTabbycatXxo Should I hard core go for a full geo team for Itto or go with a team like Itto, Baal, Xingqiu & Noelle?

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2021.12.09 00:40 Serfum2 What do you think of Godzilla Junior being in the Monsterverse?

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