Damn, Chicago 😔

2021.12.09 00:07 RDN-Leader-on-Gang Damn, Chicago 😔

Chicago has more murders than the entire UK. Chicago is a city with 2.7 million people. The UK is a country with 66.5 million people. Don’t believe me? Google it. Honestly, the UK shouldn’t have any right to say their country is active at all.
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2021.12.09 00:07 TheElephantsTrump Is it possible to check a serial number against DEP enrollment?

I searched many locations before asking here:
A friend got a MacBook Pro in February as part of a separation agreement with his employer. At the time he tried to do a re-install of Big Sur and remembers seeing DEP prompts, so he cloned his previous personal Mac onto the new machine and never saw a DEP prompt again.... Allegedly. This is all second hand info to me...
I told him to contact his former employer to get the serial removed from their DEP, but his contact in the IT department is not responding.
He'd like to wipe the machine clean to give to his mother for xmas and worries that he might be forced to join their corporate MDM - is there a way to check ourselves if his Mac is still under DEP?
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2021.12.09 00:07 Consistent-Ad5775 Gane dinero rápido y facil¡Regístrese para obtener un bono de recién llegado de 10 dólares estadounidenses! Gané más de 200 dólares estadounidenses viendo el video aquí, así que puedes probarlo..

Gane dinero rápido y facil¡Regístrese para obtener un bono de recién llegado de 10 dólares estadounidenses! Gané más de 200 dólares estadounidenses viendo el video aquí, así que puedes probarlo.. submitted by Consistent-Ad5775 to Dinerocoin [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 00:07 FADIKALIL فيسبوك تتيح للمبدعين ميزات تزيد من أرباحهم

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2021.12.09 00:07 rreixl People of Reddit, if you could make one thing free, what would it be?

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2021.12.09 00:07 GoalooES Europa League - Real Sociedad VS PSV Match Preview

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2021.12.09 00:07 GayCptTonyStark When I buy the dip and a fat red candle comes after:

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2021.12.09 00:07 ILikeTerdals Request for board size help

Hi folks, I recently bought a 159 Arbor coda camber but haven’t taken it out yet. After seeing more boards and sizes, I’m starting to fear I might have gotten a size too big.
For context I’m 5ft10, 160 lbs. I got the board for all mountain use, and while I usually go bomb tree runs and groomers, I want to improve in the park this year. I wanted to go with a longer size because I’ve been riding a 152 rocker for years and thought it was time for me to upgrade for better turns and top speed.
Now my issue is Im afraid I bought too big. The board goes up to my bottom lip, which seems about right, but I just havent seen anybody my size riding anything above a 156.
Does 3 cm make that much of a difference? I love the board but wanna make sure it fits before I use it and can’t return it.
Thanks for your thoughts!
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2021.12.09 00:07 Loser1238 Ignition switch or starter

I have a 04 Honda Accord 4 cylinder that sometimes doesn’t want to start. Some days it starts on the first try but other times it takes a couple tries to start it. Initially I thought it was the starter. I would tap it a couple times and it would start right up. However after doing some research online I found that it can also be the ignition switch because if I try to turn it on sometimes I get a buzz. I have to wait a couple seconds until the I see the gauges turn on before trying to turn on the car. The times the car doesn’t want to turn on I hear a click from the engine bay. I’m not sure if it is the starter or the ignition switch itself and testing the starter would require me to take out the starter which i don’t think I have the ability to (at least not confident I won’t screw something up). Anyone else have issues like this? Or should I take it to a shop to have them properly diagnose the issue?
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2021.12.09 00:07 RedEyedTillIDie3 I take 400mg Seroquel & 100mg Hydroxyzine every night for Bipolar & Anxiety, would it be safe to take 150mg of DXM 14-16 hours before taking my sleep meds??

https://m.psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Quetiapine , on Seroquel’s page on PsychonautWiki it said that Dissociatives are one of the dangerous interactions
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2021.12.09 00:07 No-Phrase8249 Anxiety feeling when thinking about SO

Hello. My obsessions usually migrate in themes, from a germ obsession to more existential obsessions and now romantic obsessions.

I have a pendulum in my thoughts, I either consider not being in any romantic longterm relationship so that I can rid myself of my negative feelings and on the other end when I say I want to commit I get anxiety about living a life with fewer experiences (for example sex with different people).

I've reached a point where thinking about my girlfriend gives me a mixed bag of emotions: the normal happy, loving feelings I've had in the past and a ball of dissuading-just-avoid-anxiety and pressing sadness. It is affecting her and us and I hate it intensely.

Has anyone experienced something similar?
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2021.12.09 00:07 BreadfruitCapital785 The HR hiring manager doesn't know

For Managers out there.....
How many of you have applied for a SM position? Any store. Interviews over and its your turn to ask
They stumble on simple questions about the store you're applying.

  1. What percentage would you say of employees you have today, compared to a fully staffed store?
Ummmmm, well.. I'm not sure.
  1. In the past 4 weeks, has the store made plan?
Ummmm, well... we had outstanding sales last year, so we are doing a two year plan now.
  1. Do you pay your hourly staff a competitive pay, an incentive to want to work at your company?
Ummmm, well, it varies depending on location, and a lot of different things.
Does your company make sure that the State and Federal laws are followed?
Goes into detail about all the knowledge they have, then make a comment on how their policy CLEARLY violates our state law on Anti- discrimination.
Did I ask the wrong questions?
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2021.12.09 00:07 DeeEssX Output current timestamp from video?

I have a video on a page. I would like to output the current timestamp as a text shown on the page if I press on a button.
Is there a plugin for this?
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2021.12.09 00:07 con_work You might find it interesting that an unnamed top-5 school saw a 25% drop in applications this year

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2021.12.09 00:07 UpbeatAstronaut962 me_irl

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2021.12.09 00:07 AlefgardHero Daily Yo-kai Watch Facts on Twitter gives possible origin of the younger KomaBro's name

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2021.12.09 00:07 scotty_ducati I think someone forgot the "Pass" in "Game Pass".

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2021.12.09 00:07 Thickwhensoft1218 9:00 AM Inbounds.

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2021.12.09 00:07 tglife50 🔥 Verify Is Paying BNB Dividends to Holders!!! 🔥 Unique & Needed Use Case With Huge Potential & Small Market Cap!! 💎 Featured on Every HackRead Article For The Next Week!! 💎 CEX Contract Signed 🚀 Buy In Event Right Now!!!

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Verify is bringing full transparency to the crypto market. The utility behind Verify is Verify Lens. It is a cloud-based dashboard that will gather data on defi projects—new and old—to aid the investor in making a more informed decision. The dashboard is currently under development. We will be using our own API’s to communicate with API's from multiple sources to answer your typical DYOR questions. On top of that, users will be able to check audits and doxxed devs, label wallets, track wallet movements, and get a security rating for any project—and more! Our algorithms will create confidence scores for every project so you can make more informed investment decisions. With so many people being scammed daily in BSC (some of us included), we believe this will be a powerful tool to educate investors and deter scammers.
Doesn’t that sound like a much-needed service? And you can get in on it early! Join our Telegram to get the details about how you can purchase!!!!
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2021.12.09 00:07 hurtadjr193 SafeMoon Inu... PRESALE IS LIVE

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2021.12.09 00:07 ZoolShop Christina Ricci And Mark Hampton Just Welcomed Their First Child Together And She Has The Coolest Name

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2021.12.09 00:07 SomtimesiSpitOnBirds Was inspired buy a Cremated look I saw recently. Scorpio VLL ☠️

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2021.12.09 00:07 matbezlima People should stop using the nostalgia argument to knock others' love and acclaim for any cartoon not made in the 2010s. And no one should tell others about how something "deserves" their love. I also want art to be as diverse as possible, and that includes art that is not for me.

I spent over one month writing all of this. It ended up so huge that I had to split this in two parts. The second part of this OP is in the comment section.
Part 1:
I generally don't like knocking the acclaim and love for anything, I think it's very wrong. If a work of art touched many people so much (hell, if it touched even just one person in the world), I try to understand what's appealing about it, and I'm happy for everyone who loves it that much, everyone who gets so much out of it, even if I don't. It's what art does, its role is to move us, and art is special, it's doing something truly right, if it succeeds to deeply do that with people, even if not necessarily myself (there is nothing that everyone will love after all). I don't think that anyone should tell others that "you love this too much" (exceptions are the way, way, way too extreme cases, some of which I will talk about in the end of this text, but please don't skip any part of this whole text).
I love Singin' In The Rain, Disney's Pinocchio, ATLA, the DCAU as a whole, The Incredibles and so on. And I have insanely scrutinized them, specially ATLA, Pinocchio and The Incredibles, I know all their many insane qualities to fine detail, I know they deserve MY love and praise. Does that explain entirely why I love them so much? No, but that's the case for all art we love! There aren't just "objective" reasons for loving anything! That's why we generally shouldn't be judgmental towards other people, towards what they love, and how much they love it ("it doesn't deserve to be so loved by others", I hate whenever anyone says that), even when we don't love it. I hate when people shame and mock others for loving something, and that's so common that I fully understand why people are often so defensive of what they love, including myself.
Nothing is truly overhyped, don't let anyone tell you that what you love, and you are sure it's amazing for N factors, is "overhyped" by you. No one should take away what you love, and how true and valid your love and reasons for loving it are. No art is loved by everyone, and I'm always happy for the people who have been deeply moved by something that didn't move or appeal to me as much. I hate hype backlash. Even the "flaws" can be a huge part of why I love something. Or they might not be enough to detract from my experience. It doesn't matter, I know why I love what I love, and I shouldn't be judged for praising what I love as a huge masterpiece! And don't make assumptions about why so many people praise something so much. I hate whenever anyone says something like "so many people praise it because everyone says they must praise it". It's something so arrogant and snobbish, alongside being impossible to measure. And above all, have you ever stopped thinking that many people praise something so much because they actually love it so much?! I also hate those assholes that say stuff like "anyone who loves David Lynch has been fooled by him and/or is a pretentious snob" (I'll adress more of this some paragraphs below, when I mention Tarkovsky). People saying so much bullshit like I talked about in these first three paragraphs in this OP is why I sometimes pray that some not popular stuff I love doesn't ever become very popular, so that it's safe of people saying all that bullshit and accusing it of being "overhyped" or "overrated".
Let's talk about the nostalgia topic of this thread's title. Whenever a person watches some older property, like any cartoon not released in the 2010s, and just happens to not love it, the first impulse of so many people seems to blame others's nostalgia (to say "you watched this as a kid, so you overpraise it") as reason why others love and praise it so much. In our search trying to find reasons for why we don't love something as others do, we may often arrive at many reasons that are extremely prejudiced even if we don't realize such (like some people not liking to see goofy silly kids as protagonists in any kids' media, people saying that said media is made only for kids, but those people actually fail to realize their prejudices for what they are, fail to see that believable and great character writing is great regardless of the characters' ages, people not seeing that there is nothing wrong with kids maturing and learning lessons that an adult already knows, even though many adults probably don't actually practice and internalize many of these so-called "obvious" and "elementary" lessons, and people also not seeing that character flaws and even unlikeability are far from necessarily being bad writing, I hate when people's complaints about a kid character are just about said character being goofy, childish and impulsive, like Aang is sadly victim of this sometimes by his haters, or about a teen being "whiny", like what often happens against Shinji from Evangelion, or about a teen being stubborn and impulsive, like Korra), when the far more accurate reason is often actually just "I didn't connect with it as much as others", and there is often no "why" for such, it's just the intangible factors in art that make us love something or not. Even if you could make the most flawless work of art ever, there would still be no guarantee you would love it.
Nostalgia is one factor, but far from the only one, and nothing to be ashamed of. Any older work is nostalgic for lots of people, but that alone is far from enough to make something hold up and continue to be widely acclaimed as time passes Why 2000s cartoons such as ATLA, JLU, Clone Wars and Samurai Jack are so beloved and hailed as masterpieces by so many people to this day, but many other 2000s cartoons aren't? It's not just nostalgia that can make the likes of ATLA, JLU, BTAS, Clone Wars, Samurai Jack, prime Spongebob, and many others, remain so beloved and also critically acclaimed 10 or 20 years after original release (often even rising in acclaim), it's so, so, so much more than nostalgia. And those shows continue to gain many new fans watching them for the first time and as adults (like ATLA when reaching Netflix in the US in 2019, and I became a fan in 2017, I'm 22 years old). I also watch lots of stuff I grew up with, and I find that it was actually even better than I remembered (like the masterpiece that is Disney's Pinocchio, a childhood classic of mine, but I couldn't appreciated the beauty and artistry of that movie anywhere near as much as a kid, it's also the same thing for another childhood classic of mine that I insanely love to pieces, The Incredibles by Pixar, and also Ratatouille and Wall-E). And while I didn't watch Snow White and Bambi as a kid, I don't think I would have really liked them when I was a kid, I can appreciate them far, far better now.
So, please shut up about “people only love those cartoons so much because of nostalgia”, or saying that those cartoons have "not aged well", every time you watch any cartoon that you don't love and just happens to be older than the 2010s (despite them still gaining countless new fans, like me when I watched the 1980s Astro Boy anime, and also BTAS for the first time a few years ago, I grew up with many DCAU shows, but not BTAS), there is no pre-2010s cartoons that escapes from people making criticisms like those I mentioned, and it's not like you love every single great and acclaimed cartoon that you watch now and is also being made now! Also, nostalgia can't save true mediocrity.
I have very strong nostalgia for Totally Spiez, and I don't think it's any masterpiece, though still enjoyable, and though the teenage stereotypes, specially in Clover's character, are now so cringy to me (unlike the really charming and natural goofiness, silliness, cheesiness, corniness and "kiddiness" of such believable and well-fleshed out characters such as ATLA's Team Avatar, or the Teen Titans from the 2000s series, or Tim Drake in the DCAU, but sadly some people are prejudiced towards kids and young teens that behave in any way like actual kids, who are goofy, kiddy, silly, corny and childish, and those people don't realize their prejudice, and also forget that adults can also be like that).
I'm nostalgic towards JLU and Teen Titans, love them both, though I probably would hail only the former (and the DCAU as a whole, I'll also be clear that I know Teen Titans is not part of the DCAU) as a masterpiece. I'm not nostalgic towards ATLA, and I love it. But even if I was nostalgic towards it, nostalgia shouldn't suddenly make my judgment and love towards it less valid and less well-thought. I'll tell something I experienced about Super Mario Bros. 3. It's a 2D platformer that is widely hailed as a masterpiece, one of the greatest 2D platformers ever made. I said to a person online that I consider it a truly great game. He immediately attacked me, saying "you're blind by nostalgia, take off your rose-tinted glasses". I have no nostalgia for Mario 3, played it for the first time a few years ago, I told him so, and he went back in his criticism. But if I hadn't, he was basically going to call me out on my love for the game! Actually, he had already called me out for loving the game, and he assumed that I was nostalgic for it! But even if had very strong nostalgia for it, he would still be wrong in criticizing my high praise for the game! As if I have no critical sense, as if I don't understand and deeply scrutinize what I love, and I know why I love it, why it deserves MY love and praise! Please stop making judgmental assumptions about others' love for something.
While not everyone is as arrogant as the guys I mentioned above, it still always deeply annoys and saddens me whenever I see anyone making statements such as "people overpraise it cause of nostalgia, they need to take off their nostalgia goggle glasses and stop saying it is one of the greatest shows ever made", and "people love it too much, more than it deserves", which invalidate others' love and critical sense, and these are clearly judgmental statements. Sadly, they are said all the time online! I hate to see them being said even just once, but they are said all the time! Even your favorite show that is not from the 2010s is certainly accused like that too! I'm sick of those statements almost as much as the common criticisms made against any media with kids and young teens as main demographic (though still made for everyone), no matter how beloved (Chronicles Of Narnia books, ATLA, DCAU, Disney, Pixar, even Ghibli films such as Totoro, Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service), and also against the wonderful art of animation! I talked about this in a thread called "A Defense Of Kids' Shows" I made here.
I highly recommend C.S. Lewis text "Three Ways To Write Stories To Children", he was far better than me.
On this whole topic of the nostalgia goggles fallacy, I highly recommend this video essay in YouTube:
And also this thread I made:
I've realized that what often makes the difference between something being just "decent" to being "amazing", specially in character-driven films and shows, is an intangible individual human connection that has no explanation and can't be derived from any sort of "objective" analysis. A topic I talked about a lot in this thread below I made, in which I also talk a lot about our prejudices about what is "superior" and "adult" art:
For example, The Godfather is always at least in the Top 10 of best movies of all time list, and is seen by many as the Holy Grail of gangster movies, if not all dramatic cinema. And yet there are people who watch it and are simply left cold. They can see how it is "well made", but they simply can't connect with its drama and characters. I would say I'm one of these people, and this kind of dark and gritty drama is also not my cup of tea. So, some of these people say "it's a decent drama, but I can't see what makes it ahead of the pack, I can't see what makes it better than other well-made good dramas, and why it's seen as one of the greatest films of all time, this supreme masterpiece".
Let's also talk about Singin' In The Rain. It was a box-office and critical success when it was original released, but nothing out of the extraordinary in that regard. Many other movie musicals of its era were just as successful in those regards too, if not far more so. But now, of all the classic grand musicals from Hollwood's Golden Age, it's BY FAR the most iconic and acclaimed, specially among critics. The film gained throughout the decades a status of supreme cinematic masterpiece, as one of the greatest films of all time (often in the Top 20, if not Top 10 of any such list), that is so insanely ahead of any other movie musical from its era (any movie musical ever made really), and I don't think anyone would have guessed that back in 1952. And as much as I love it, I can see why someone could watch musicals of the era, and not understand why Singin' In The Rain is considered so ahead of any other musicals. It's also specially a film that relies strongly on its pure charm and charisma to be so loved, and the beautiful extreme simplicity of its plot and characters, but that's obviously not gonna work on everyone (though I'm always critical of anyone who dismisses simplicity of plot and character as inferior, a theme I also talked about in previous threads I made, and how nothing is truly original, and how you can make something have a very strong and unique identity with simple and very unoriginal, straight-forward plot and characters). I found someone online who said to prefer Easter Parade to Singin' In The Rain. I could make a whole thread on why I love Singin' In The Rain, and I think I'll do it someday (like I did with Astro Boy and Disney's Pinocchio).
About the topic of beautiful simplicity, I also talked about it a lot in the closest thread link above (the thread I made about overnalyzing, and our prejudices on what is "superior" and "adult", "mature" art), and also in these ones right below:
And all of that is why I never criticize anyone for calling something I don't love as "the best show ever" or "one of the best shows ever". I don't get why some people are often pissed off that a piece of media they don't love is so loved and put in such high regard by so many other people. I really don't get the phenomenon of hype backlash (why are some people so salty that Vertigo topped Sight & Sound's 2012 list of best movie of all time, I couldn't be less bothered by what film tops any such list, regardless of how much I enjoy the movie topping it, and I hate the hype backlash they sadly create because many people aren't mature enough to accept others' often well-thought and sincere love, praise and acclaim for something, God damn, hype backlash is so inherently immature, and there is no "best movie ever" choice that won't outrage a lot of people). If I call any relatively less famous cartoon "one of the best shows I ever watched", people enthusiastically join in. But if I call Steven Universe "one of the best cartoon shows I ever watched", or even dare to call it "one of the best TV shows I ever watched", the bullying and irony in many replies is inevitable. Hell, that would happen even with such widely acclaimed animated shows as ATLA, JLU, Samurai Jack, Clone Wars and BTAS. Hell, even the most harmless comment of praise for any aspect of them can bring backlash by some people! And that shit backlash (pretty much all hype backlash is shit and unfair to many fans of the art work, and unfair to the art work itself) gets upvoted by many people too!
By the way, I have never watched Steven Universe, it's probably not my style anyway, but the hate and hype backlash it gets blows my mind to infinite levels, it's often really people that truly don't have anything better to do with their lives than hate a show, and hate anyone who loves it!
I also don't seek for flawlessness in art. Not even close. Perfection is overrated (this is the only time you'll ever see me calling anything "overrated"). If I love the characters and setting of a story, it's kinda easy for me to not be really bothered by many lukewarm episodes (or even entire lukewarm seasons), specially if they are still short like in cartoons (only 20 minutes a episode), and a fun, easy watch (like the episode Critters from The New Batman Adventures, I don't get the hate for it, the episode is still a nice enough, fun, unpretentious and easy relaxed watch, even the worst episodes in the DCAU shows, like I've Got Batman In My Basement, tend to be enjoyable and ok at least on that level for me). Same thing for the 80s Astro Boy anime, which I love. And why I don't mind fillers too much even in the most plot-heavy shows. When I love the characters, I love to see them do anything and just be themselves (which is why I really have zero issue with the heavily episodic and slow first half of Book 3 of ATLA, it's really fun and enjoyable, and also continuing the strong and natural character writing that is by far ATLA's greatest virtue). The Naruto episode of Team 7 trying to see Kakashi's face is awesome, wonderfully silly and corny, the kids act like believable kids and their friendship bond is strenghtened through the "unimportant" goofy events of the episode (people are so obssessed with plot, I always care far more about characters), and it is one thing that shows like ATLA, Teen Titans and Young Justice Season 1 were often so amazing at, specially ATLA.
I also talk a lot about this in my thread on why I like fillers.
And also why I love episodic shows:
When people dismiss the acclaim and love of something on the grounds of it being "too flawed" or "not as deep as others say", I reply saying how very flawed, even divisive, art is often the most interesting, unique and appealing, and how emotional connection is always key. It's why I never like to recommend ATLA or the DCAU because of their serious themes (like war, genocide, and the role of heroes, respectively), those themes are not what makes them truly great. I think some fans can also be to blame because they also share the prejudiced notion of detractors that "sophisticated" and "adult", "complex" and "mind-blowing" art is superior art, and kids' shows are often victim of such prejudices (and many others, like being "kiddy", "goofy", "corny", "cheesy", "childish", "silly"), so those fans defensively try to make their show seem like something more "mature" and "adult" (in the narrow and sadly common prejudiced sense of the word) than it is, they recommend the shows for atributes that are not actually the main virtues of the shows, not even close (in the DCAU it is the character writing and often still definitive animated versions of many amazing super-heroes, specially Batman and Superman, it's the seriousness and weight of its drama, the awesome action, and the exhilarating super-hero fun, in ATLA it is the sense of adventure, spectacular martial arts' coreography, childlike wonder, wish fulfillment, wonderful setting, very charming and sincere, believable goofiness, and yet the character writing still outshines everything else in the show by far, it's truly a character-driven show, with masterful use of downtime in making all the characters seem so real, their silly kids' shenanigans, and so on). While I can definitely empathize with how defensive they are, with that insecurity (I often suffer from that a lot as well), it's still all a vicious snowball cycle of prejudice everywhere, which I talked about a lot also in the links I recommended above. Alan Moore also talked about this.
But it is not a problem that happens only with kids' shows and kids' media. See the case of Evangelion. It is not an exceptionally deep philosophical analysis, and there is nothing wrong with that. The true appeal of the show is in its sleek visual design, and above all the reality of the character's emotions. Its cast is hyper-humanized, which is the same aspect that makes some people love Evangelion, and others not. But it does not feel "edgy" for its own sake, it is sincere, raw, coming from Hideaki Anno's own depression. It is the portrait of a confused man trying to come to terms with his own emotions, and letting everyone see that through Evangelion. He loves classic cheesy fun mecha anime, and he probably never intended for Evangelion to become as dark as it did towards the end. It happened because his depression worsened. Evangelion is also a good example of how immensely flawed art can be so worthy and interesting, and emotionally resonate so much with so many people, and that makes totally valid for fans to call it a masterpiece. Some people just feel 100% miserable after watching it. Others feel hopeful, they describe this as having someone say to you "I know what you are feeling and going through", and it's not rare to see them call Evangelion the most honest portrayal of depression they ever saw in any media, the portrayal that really hit the closest to them, and that it even helped them overcome their own depression!
It also sadly happens with Hitchcock's Vertigo. Hailed as one of the greatest films of all time, but you won't have trouble finding people who hate it with passion, call it a total slog, a hot mess, and can't accept that others actually love it for any good reason! And for anyone who cares about plot holes, contrivances and logic, Vertigo is so, so easy to mercilessly tear it apart. And yet, for all the so-called "flaws" in Vertigo (like the most insanely contrived murder plan ever, or some people's complaints about the ending and the plot twist, or how the plot twist is directly told to audience, which for many people seems to be the ultimate storytelling sin of "telling instead of showing", or James Stewart and Kim Novak supposedly lacking romantic chemistry, which is entirely subjective, and I think it even enhances the creepiness of the movie), they don't matter for anyone who loves the film. What matters is the dream-like powerful emotional effect they get out of it (let's not forget how powerful and fantastic Bernard Hermann's score is, I love it!), and that's far more important to the film's fans than any of its "flaws". Hitchcock thought the same, saying that he couldn't care less about logic, plot holes and plot contrivances, all he cared about was effect, shameless manipulation, "playing the audience like a piano", and how to use the unique atributes of cinema to achieve that (which is why everyone in film schools studies Hitchcock's directing). I don't want to say a spoiler of Vertigo, this unique, dream-like, eerie, creepy and disturbing subversion of Hollywood romance and much more, but I still recommend this awesome video essay, though it still has spoilers. It really talks about what the point of Vertigo actually is, and why elements such as the insanely contrived and non-sense murder plan don't matter for Vertigo's artistic purposes and aims.
It's also why I would never agree with ATLA's finale being a disaster, like I've some people say. Is it flawed? Yes, mainly in Aang's arc. But aside from that, most complaints I have seen about it are about logic problems, like "Ozai's plan doesn't make sense, he's just burning a forest", or "Sokka, Suki and Toph shouldn't have been sent to deal with the airships", or "the White Lotus should have dealt with the airships rather than liberating Ba Sing Se", or "the way Sokka, Suki and Toph destroy the airships is so simplistic and ridiculous". I get some of that, I even get the complaint that the finale might have too many plot points to solve at once, that it might be rushed. But I can't bring myself to care about those "flaws". Because the finale, aside from Aang's arc, still delivered amazing atmosphere, epic gravitas, generally amazing character writing that again showcases not only how believable and well-fleshed out its set of characters is, but also how much they have matured. It's emotional to see all of that, the result of the amazing journey we witnessed from all characters.
And the finale generally made the choices that made the most emotional sense rather than the most logical one (it was great to see the symbolism of Iroh taking Ba Sing Se back from the Fire Nation, as well as the cool factor of all White Lotus old masters kicking ass together, and it was also amazing to see how Sokka, Suki and Toph have not only matured so much as warriors, but their frienship has naturally become so strong that they are willing to trust each other with their own lives, which is specially impactful for Toph, who is blind and completely, admirably and bravely, trusts her friends to keep her safe in an airship, such trust really showcases how far she has come from when she was first introduced, I recommend Hello Future Me's video essay on Toph's character arc), and I choose the best emotional choice over the best logical one for the narrative every time, specially in media so strongly and primarily character-driven as Avatar (I know that there are other types of complaints, like Zuko not finishing Azula himself as something unsatisfying for his arc, or about Iroh not wanting to fight Ozai because it's "brother killing brother for power", but having no problem with Zuko fighting Azula for the throne, but I'll adress them in a possible future post). It's also important to always analyse a piece of media on its own terms of what it actually wants to be and to accomplish, rather than what we prefer and want, and art should always be allowed to go beyond what's realistic, and doing so as much as it wants for its purposes and intended effect. We should strive to not miss the point.
This also applies to the overall tone of the work, and also things like how much blood you want to show, if you'll even show blood at all, and the implicit cartoon logic of characters never dying of lethal attacks (there is a scene in BTAS, from the episode Zatanna, in which Batman throws bandits from a plane at great height and into the ocean water below, which in real life should kill them, but it's obvious that the show doesn't want us to think that Batman actually killed or even hurt the bandits, it's the same thing also for how characters are constantly knocked out in action/adventure stories, specially in super-hero ones, but the audience is asked to believe that does not cause concussions or any permanent damage, and ATLA follows similar logic to all of that too, and it shouldn't be seen as a flaw, it's a valid artistic choice that fits the story's objectives, as I explain in more detail in in the next paragraph). I also want to make clear that I'm not saying that internal consistency is not important (even though even inner logic can often be justifiably broken for the sake of drama and rule of cool, like Cinderella's shoe somehow not disappearing at midnight, or how we Cypher in the Matrix and talking to agent Smith, contradicting the established rule that people can only get in and out of the matrix if an operator is present in the ship).
Another example of all these many points I'm making is: if the story clearly establishes from the start that it's at its core a story about kids as main characters maturing and also saving the world, then it's not a flaw if the adults are left behind in the most crucial moments, if not all moments, so that the kids can save the world by themselves, all of this (alongside the thrilling and non-gruesome action, rather than showing war how it is) is a huge part of the child-like wonder, escapism and wish fulfillment (but sadly many people act as if all of that is a flaw, and if media that does it is worse than more "realistic" and "grounded" media that doesn't, rather than just being different stories with different artistic purposes and aims). It's very common in all sorts of media with kids as main characters, and there is nothing wrong with that. Great and well fleshed-out character development is great regardless of the characters' ages, all as I said before in this OP.
Now, after reading all of this, about plot holes, artistic effect, artistic objective of a work of art, and in general about how art can be anything, you might still say "I hate Vertigo, I hate those plot holes, they violate basic storytelling rules, and if a story has to choose between the best emotional choice and the best logical one, then it has already failed at a fundamental level, and it breaks my immersion". And you might say too "I get the point, what it is trying to accomplish, but I hate that too!". If that's how you personally feel, I can't argue with you. You shouldn't be forced to enjoy anything, specially when it's clearly not your cup of tea. Art is mysterious, intangible. But don't act as if your personal vision for art, your taste, is the "right" one, and don't deride others' preferences. Art should be as diverse as possible, it shouldn't conform to anyone's particular preferences. God, I hate those people who seem to feel personally insulted because some people love Tarantino. I also hate those people who accuse any Tarkovsky fan to be an arrogant pompous snob, I hate those people who say that anyone who claims to love Tarkovsky is doing a hoax to feel superior about "high art of Tarkovsky", people who even feel bullied just by seeing others loving Tarkovsky, people who actively try to invalidate others' experiences for loving Tarkovsky, accusing his fans of being tricked with false emotions.
Art should be free to do anything (I dislike horror, but I still want it to exist, and this also applies to far more specific things too!). It also can be mainstream, it also can be only for the tastes of a very specific niche. The so-called "rules" of great storytelling should never be seen as anything even remotely close to absolute or objective. It's a problem I see in a lot of video essays whenever they are trashing some film or show. Art shouldn't have to abide to those rules, we are severely limiting art and stories if we force the artists to do so.
You can hate the non-sense murder plot of Vertigo as much as you want, and all those other controversial elements of the film, like its extremely divisive ending, but it's clear that Vertigo, Hitchcock and fans of the film couldn't care less about all of those so-called "ridiculous flaws", because the movie isn't really about them, they aren't the point of the film or its artistic purpose (you are free to personally not enjoy the point and artistic purpose of the film, but don't act as if that's an "objective" flaw, any work of art should be allowed to be anything for any specific taste, specially its creator's voice!). I would say that even the complaints about Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak lacking chemistry might be argued as a virtue, something that fits the movie's weird, unsettling, often nightmare-like and creepy atmosphere, and how the movie wants to be a subversion of traditional Hollywood romance, whether you like that or not, and whether you like or not the way Vertigo chooses to do the subversion. Same principle for stories that are centered around kids saving the world, and also for the "chess logic" in many fantasy stories, in which defeating the powerful leader of an enemy country is not much different to winning the war. This principle applies to all art really. Art should only abide to the visions of its creators (also why I can't stand when people criticize a film, and anyone who loves it, as pretentious, and assume all its fans must be snobs who only pretend to actually love it that much, like I've seen often happening against David Lynch and Tarkovsky fans). I don't love The Last Jedi, but the amount hate video essays about it "violating every single story-telling rule" still irks me. I liked the movie fine enough, and I saw it in theaters more than once. And everyone who dares to love The Last Jedi gets bullied online. And that used to happen a lot with Legend Of Korra fans too. All I ask is for us to not be judgmental towards other people and what they love, to not be judgmental towards art that might not fit our personal sensibility.
I also made a thread on the topic of plot holes, contrivances and "rules" of storytelling. Some people act as if it's always wrong to have characters openly and bluntly speak what they are feeling and why. I don't agree. I know that is false by looking at myself and how I behave. And people can be a lot weirder than you think. And it's nothing unnatural for a person to openly speak what they are feeling if they are really anguished and can't take it anymore (like in the episode The Awakening of ATLA, when Katara cries and opens up to her father about her anger for him, and the voice actress' performance is stunning, or when Zuko also can't stand it any longer and opens up at the end of the episode "The Beach", though I admit that Mai and Ty Lee opening up might not have been fully convincing, my feelings about the episode mostly align with Overanalyzing Avatar's YouTube channel video about it, though I'm a bit more positive than him about my enjoyment of this episode). Generally, you probably shouldn't rely most of the time on your characters openly and bluntly telling what they feel. But it is ok sometimes to do that in the story, and still feel natural. Hell, sometimes people even speak alone to themselves (I certainly do that way more than a normal person). I also think it's not like art should imitate real life either, it can be anything, hence why I have nothing against purely evil villains, regardless if purely evil people actually exist or not.
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